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What is Warning points?

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If there's a really poweful hack tool with many connections it is the only thing that can.An intern developer can hack warspear lol(although offtopic seems legit)


you have no idea what hacking is lmao


only way to do such a thing would be to hack an admin's account (not moderator)


anyways this is going off-topic... feel free to make another thread if you have any further questions about warning points


there is no automated system based on how many warning points you have, its just used as a reference between moderators on who to keep an eye out on 

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its just similar to "money art" its changing something on your own server thats dependent on game's servers.


its just like opening developer options while your on your bank statement page and changing your money to $100,000,000.00


it looks legit, but refresh and its gone

That's exactly what I was saying ;D

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