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Banned Account Problem


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My account was banned 2 weeks ago,and as soon as it was banned i sent a ticket asking why it was banned, because i was sure i had done nothing worng. So i recieved a reply a few days later saying that my account was banned due to PayPal Chargebacks.. the problem is i haven't used paypal in more than 6 months... and the devs can check my ip adress... i did not do this, i am 100% sure of it. It wasn't me, and it could be that someone else is using my id, alot of people know my account id because i make youtube videos and the id shows there... I posted this topic because later on i emailed support twice more, but didnt get a reply... I didnt do these chargebacks, and I would never do this kind of thing.. Please, check this out, I haven't done anything of this kind.. my account id is [email protected]


Thank you for your time & effort.

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