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How to put item into chat with my own words in one sentence?

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Just click on the item then at the corner below side there is 'Into Chat' click it, then it will appear on the chat.


First Thank you for your replay, the way you mentioned could send item name into chat directly, but only the Item itself.

What I want to do is to attach some my own words with it, all in one sentence, just like:

Sordar: Hi this is my own words [Great Bow WindForce]


I saw somebody did it in chat, I wonder how...

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You cant do that on mobile (any more), only on computers.

You mean only with IOS and Androids, right? Idk if WP too, but Symbian, no, u can.



And another question is how to repeat my last say?

This can't happen in our game in the main time.

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It was only possible when only the old warspear keyboard was available for mobile. After the update that let us use our devices' native keyboard it was still possible but very buggy, then they disabled the "into chat" option. After that they fixed the bug issue by letting us only link 1 item at a time without our own text.

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