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Guild tournaments and their results. General discussion

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Change tournament rewards. If you want us to buy mcoins and fight hard with unity pots and staminas give us something we want.... No one gives a crap about CC, surprise chest, lame minions, or a few signs. Not worth the effort.


Then stop taking part in tourni dammit. One does not simply takes the biggest dessert and complain about it. Also, you are a dick to PSO. If you cant handle your pudding, give it to others, who dont have any.


How i get my lvl20 cc superarmor :blush: if no cc

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Absalom bro do me and Jess a favor Give us both 300cc chest to buy armor for lv16 ;D hehe

rank #3 is 400c bro, but I cant do freebie hehe, we got like 30 core member that want reward for alt chars :P


Also, devs please change rewards. I miss the costume guild tours, those were much more fun and rewarding.

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I have a couple of ideas that might solve this issue:


1-A. Create a fair amount of new costumes, say 10 for example, each in 3 different variations. Dont release them all at once, put them into a rotation system. Each week add 1 different costume (with all 3 of its variations) to the Guild Merchant. Once the week is gone remove it and add the next one, repeat. Maybe randomize the order to make it more interesting. I know its hard to come up with a new costume every 2-4 weeks and it would further delay further updates. But this might spice things up a bit for the moment. Some people might hate this, but maybe add boss costumes to the rotation? For example, with less chance than the other costumes mentioned above, Demonologist or Ice Golem might be the costume for the week. The people that have those wont like it because it will make them less rare. Maybe give them a very low chance to appear.


1-B. Make all those costumes (even the current CC costumes) bind on"Equipping"


2. Add miracle coin items (that are not in arena shop) to Guild Merchant. For example, Sign of Imperishability, Arena Ticket, Scroll of Repair, Extra Pocket, Unity Signs. Taking into consideration how many miracle coins it takes to earn 1st, 2nd or 3rd rank. (1000 CC is nothing compared to the amount of miracle coins it takes to earn those 1000 CC, nobody would like it.)


these are only ideas, not suggestions or demands. Like them or don't. The choice is yours.

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Hi there, check them results of tournament #64 on the first page.

And 63rd tournament result are under the spoiler




1. SiThLoRdS (811013 exp)

2. Intrepid (401407 exp)

3. THEMERCS (355932 exp)



1. AAAAAAAAAA (972964 exp)

2. Strangers (740200 exp)

3. DarkEmpire (505671 exp)



1. DSS (411046 exp)

2. Sky (224789 exp)

3. Orion (188750 exp)



1. AoA (1087736 exp)

2. YinYang (639365 exp)

3. perfectElf (475564 exp)



1. admirals (185149 exp)

2. DEVILS (183528 exp)

3. ZrongvietZ (81260 exp)



1. Nuclear (1788452 exp)

2. DarkSouls (658337 exp)

3. HELLFIRE (550063 exp)



1. RIP (238554 exp)

2. ATLANTS (138546 exp)

3. APOCALIPSE (121676 exp)



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