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Problems About Sandro


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Making a note about "sandro's stun" and health players(human health):


Often making the new boss of the Christmas Event island, I noticed that my hand felt some pain and came to portray that. when a player throws the blade dancer, to take a new boss stun, the character loses the target and has again click on the boss to continue their attacks and help his teammates to attack.


Something not right with the other, because Sandro give new stun every 10 seconds. Considering that the average time to defeat the boss is 30-40 minutes for a regular team. The calculations lead us to the following statement. every 10 seconds the player must click 3 times (1 on the boss and 1 in attack skill, except in cases where the player has more skills to use as a paladin):

6 times you click to aim the target again per minute;

each stun range you should take to use any attack skill (2-4).

// to the sandro u will die a sequence of 720 clicks in 40minutes, ie every 4 seconds u need to give at least 1 click.

My intention is to prevent you guys creators make the same mistake in the nearby possible updates.

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What if its the point of the stun?


Like aggro doesnt aggro, it even lets players lose their target.

What does that stun look like/which skill?

Most of the skills at bosses are taken from players after all.

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Or just auto-attack Sandro after stun is over.

Or increase the cooldown of the stun.

You mean don't lose target when stunning? It can't happen because the type of Sandro's stun is "Stun bonus" which was able to obtain last event.

Increasing cd and decreasing stun time would be all good!

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Lol, last time, near the start of the update. The damn boss stunned everyone near it for 20+ seconds. You know what happened next.


Continuing to attack the mob after the stun is OK but as long as it does not apply to pvp stun skills.

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