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[2023.04.07] Contest «Someone from the desert»

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Dear friends!


In the first part of the devs diaries, you learned about the upcoming adventures in the hot deserts of Almahad, which our team is working on right now! In this regard, we invite you to participate in the game development by taking part in the "Someone from the desert" contest!

How to participate?
Your task is to create a monster or a non-player character (NPC) that could then be added to the territory of the new island. Draw and tell about it: who it is, where it came from, how it ended up in the desert and what it does.


Create a separate topic in THIS section of the forum and publish your work in it. The topic title should include your nickname, your character's server, and the name of your creature.

Technical requirements for drawing:

  • pixel style  is required;

  • the height should be from 25 to 65 pixels (squares), and the width should be from 25 to 70 pixels;

  • any format: on paper or graphic editor, for example: Paint, Photoshop, etc.;

  • a front view is required, other angles are at your discretion;

  • the work must not violate the rules of the game and the rules of the community.

Not allowed:

  • to use existing monsters from the game and partially modify them (add elements, change color, etc.);

  • to use other people's work from the Internet (including the work of AI) or the work of other participants;

  • to replicate completely existing characters from movies, games and other media.

For violation of any of the above points, the work will not be allowed to the competition.


What will be assessed:

  • Artistic detailing. Although you are limited in the number of pixels, modern drawing tools allow you to achieve high detailing. An additional advantage of your work will be the rendering of all angles, not just the front view;

  • Completeness of description. Although the competition is artistic, you need to supplement your work with a story about your creation: its biography, interests and events that determined its character. Try to fit your story into 1000 characters. Less is possible, more is not recommended;

  • Compliance with the desert theme. Reread the first part of the devs diaries and, having studied the inhabitants of the first sectors, get to work! Leave flippers and fins for the underwater territory, your hero must be adapted to the hot desert;

  • Originality of the work. In addition to quality, your work should have some uniqueness, stand out from others and evoke a “sense of beauty”. Try not to use commonplace images.

Also, do not forget the main rule: one participant - one work.

Awards for winners:

1st place: 20,000 Miracle Coins + adding a monster to the game + a unique gold badge on the forum;

2nd place: 15,000 Miracle Coins + 50 City of Technomages Cache + a unique silver badge on the forum;

3rd place: 10,000 Miracle Coins + 30 City of Technomages Cache + unique bronze badge on the forum.


The works are accepted until April 21 inclusive. After that, within a week, until April 28, the jury will determine the winners and we will publish the results.


We wish you all inspiration!


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