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Easy solution for Six Shadows


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Hey I had this idea for several months but never mentioned it.

If all who do Six Shadows just keep the quest instead of completing it, they can help other players with it in the future. And if everyone does this, its only going to get easier each time because there will be more players.  Uncompleted Quests dont get deleted any more after server maintenance  :unknw:

And theres only a few dailys that we will be missing out on for not completing six shadows. And we dont need the quests in order to enter astral lab. Only thing is that 2 bag spaces will be occupied by quest items (cloak and "mirrow")


Is it a fair price to serve your faction? We could all have a set day of the week or month to go in and kill the six shadows and help all players who have the quest.



At least we would then have the option to hunt six shadows  ;D

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was this changed during an update?

I dont remember it being like this the first time I did the quest.


Fail :facepalm:

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When I had this quest, I couldn't find a decent party to complete the quest for days. So I left it pending and went offline for a few days for some work. When I come back online, what do I see? My quest's been done for me... :yahoo:

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