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          Hello friends, its me Arus, the barbarien. I am newbie in this forum, but I am a old player and I like this game too much. I am going to tell about how i spent some time in this war of spear. Its not much but interasting.

          I started my journey as a barbarian almost five months ago. So I hav only a little number of storys which I will tell.

          I started my journey as a friendless wanderer. But as the days went i met with other wanderers and make them friends. I can remember my frst frnd was a shaman. Her name was Crystalxx. We met at a qst to kill a some tough boss, druid in frst island. I asked her if she need that qst. She said yes. Then we killed that druid together easily. She heal and i attck. And from then we become good fnds. After that we did all qsts till lvl 9 together. But at lvl 9 she went off. And till she didnot comeback. I became sad bcoz she was my good frnd. I became a wanderer again. I start to do qsts alone. But at lvl 12 when i was going for a qst a got a good frnd again. Her name was Leonnesa. I dont know her before. She asked me for arena, and i say that i hav two free tic. Then we did two battle together and we win. But she surprised me when she give me five arena tickets without any cost. Then we did battles and win. From then i got my best frnd till. We did almost all qsts together till lvl 13. She helped me a lot and i also rdy to help her. But I become lazy when i got lvl 13. I stop doing qsts. In this time she reached upto lvl 15. And i gather energy and start to do qsts again. In this time i became surprised ones more. As she got lvl 15  and got new gears, she gave me her lvl 13 equip as it become easy to lvl up to me. I told her that i will return all when i get new gears. But the main point was that she believed me. Anyone could not return if he want. But she believed me. And i kept her believe. We r still very good frnds.

          Oneday she asked me if i can teach her Bengali Language. As i was from West Bengal in India. Someone was joking with her in bengali. So she also wants to answer him in bengali. So i start to teach her bengali. She ask me to translate in bengali which she say and i did that. She note them. After some day she told me that my teaching did a good job and she surprised him by telling bengali. And Thats made her joyful. So i feel good.

          After coming second island i met with more players who helped me in doing quests, in hunt and in everything. And i am so glad that i hav frnds like them.

          Now i am telling about a battle which we won unless my hp was very low. In this battle i and one my best shaman frnd fought with two bladedancers of lvl 18. The battle start and i attacked one of them with charge. We killed one easyli. But they killed my shaman frnd and attck me. I got a low hp. Then i attrct him. He lose me. Then i run to the corner and wait for health regen. But i saw that the bd is coming to kill me. Then i use charge against him and stun him. And by attack him with strong blow i killed him. Thus we win. My shaman friend tell me that was nice. I cant forgot about this battle. Bcoz in this battle i used skills intelligently and killed that more powerfull bladedancer without having low hp. And i could do this because i believe that real powers come from Mind.

          My favourite work in this game is to hunt. Till i hunted allmost all bosses without laby chief. And i got 7 drops till. I can remember i got my frst drop from Garr-shagg. It was an amaging momment to me when i got the drop. Because i was hunting for frst time in this game. I was with sink then. I can remember i got two drops one an elegant signant and other lvl 13 heavy armor boots. As sink was need that ring i give him that free. Because he as my one of good frnds. I used the boots. But for amplification failure soon i lost them. It was not only the sad incident to me. Later i lost my bg armor for same cause. But till i didnot broke in mind. I start to do everything to get gold soon to buy that bg armor.

          I got one drop from laby frst boss also. It was mossessins of star pilgrims. When i got it i become very happey becuse by selling it i will get gold and buy that bg armor.

          I hav a one more experience with laby. I hav a vry low defence. Only 1.4k. Oneday i want laby hunt with prty of Huedkpopz, shaman. Our prty had three healers and two barbar. One barbar was me. And another was tanking. But he died for dc. It was 3rd boss which we were hunting. Then hued told me to tank. But i was a vry low defence. But i take dissision that i will tank. Then i attcked the boss and see that my hp is decreasing fast bcoz boss and all mobs r attcking me. But without fear i take it to the corner then all other start to attck. I stop attck at that time so boss dont attck me and thus i survive. And after few second i start attck and killed boss with all. As i attcked frst my prty got that turn and they all done that qst. But from this incident i remove fear fully from my mind and started to lead the way to laby with frnds.

          Before i was a warriour who asked others for help, but now i am in that term when all other ask me to help them, and this feel me so proud . And i hlp all who ever asked. Now i am in the path of making a legend of a true Mountain Clan Wariour. My frnds who helped me and always helps me to become such is Leonnesa,Tatsumaruc,Underblue,Blackness,Ciamiau,Huedkpopz,Sink,Jaijoo,Kyamaru,Sunnaysmart,Tenkre,Unluckyy,Wws and many more...I want to say thanks to all of them Heartly....and this is the story of me and my frnds in the arinar of war of spear.........:)

          Please forgive me for my gramatical and spelling mistakes.

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