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Magic Charmer or How to Become a God of Healing


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Magic Charmer or How to Become a God of Healing







Hello and welcome!


I'm Regis, and I've been playing Charmer for almost 5 years. I'd like to share my gaming knowledge with you through this guide. My goal is to reveal to you the true potential of the Magic Charmer in the PvP direction. It is my first guide in English and it is not my first language, so I am sorry if you will find some grammar mistakes. I really tried!


It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the character's skills and talents before reading the guide. Also if you do not know about non-class books, you should read this topic.


Analysis of strengths and weaknesses


Magic Charmer's main role is Support. He can heal large amounts of health, buff group, control and weaken enemies defence. Charmer's unique trait is the ability to summon creatures to help in a fight. The character has almost no obvious weaknesses, except mobility, but this is compensated by the fact that the Charmer can attack from a distance. In terms of attack, the class does not stand out much here, but after the last balance edits, the attack has intensified in order. The Charmer can deal decent damage to enemies with the right build. The defence of the character himself is above average due to his defensive abilities. Healing and control are Charmer's biggest strengths, which make him a truly dangerous opponent. However, in this game, your main strengths can also be your main weaknesses. Let's examine each part in more detail.


Power graph of Charmer






image.png Oppression (Stun)  image.png Stone Curse (Stasis)  image.png Knowledge of the Dead Man (Stun)


Charmer's main weapon against enemies is control abilities. On a single target, the total control time is 15.5 seconds (control time including talent and full levelling of single target control skills). If any of the control skills do not go into the enemy's defence parameters, the Charmer can keep the enemy under control permanently. It's safe to say that the Charmer has an excessive amount of control, and if we don't balance it out with the help of levelling skills and assembling equipment, it will end up doing more harm than good. In the current balance of the game, relying solely on control skills is risky.


image.png Otherworldly Fire (Stun)


Charmer has only one crowd control ability that also can deal damage. At first glance, not a powerful control skill, because it only has a chance to stun the target and it is really low. However, this skill has interesting synergy with the parameter ''Stun''. Because this ability can deal damage we can not only stun the enemy with skill but also with the parameter "Stun''. This synergy adds more chances for us to control. Control from the "Stun" does not interfere with control from the skill.


Video demonstration


Speaking of control abilities, it is important to know what type they are. Because the properties of skills and mechanics depend on it. Each type of control has its flaws. Charmer has two forms of control: stun and stasis.


What is the difference between stun and stasis?


Stasis is a control effect, unlike other control effects, it is not unambiguously negative. While in stasis, the target cannot move, attack, or use any of the skills, items, or spells. In addition, the target is invulnerable and cannot be targeted. Due to the latter two qualities, Stasis is not a clear negative control effect. On the other hand, stun also prevents the target from moving, attacking, or using any skills, but the key distinction is that while it is in effect, you are free to attack your victim. It might seem like stun is a flawless version of control over the target, but in Warspear there is a counter pick for everything and it is called "Distortion of Life".


image.png.d979c05461edbe417c30b81c8a18c5f0.png  Book "Distortion of Life"


This Non-class book can heal your enemies while they are stunned, with a chance equal to the amount of stat "Steal Health". I sometimes think this book was created solely to counter Charmer's control abilities, as almost all of them are based on stuns.  There are two ways to deal with this book, the first is to find a partner who can weaken the enemy's healing, for example, Warlock with his skill "Dark Seal'' (unfortunately no one uses it due to some drawbacks). Another option is to have a "Terrible Relic of Apathy" that can nullify with a 15% chance enemy's healing for 6 seconds.


Control's natural nemeses


https://forum.warspear-online.com/uploads/monthly_2023_03/resistance.png.52db822d9f7aac213963d3a74c0c40d5.png Stat ''Resistance''


Control has some more natural enemies that you should be aware of. "Resistance" is one of them. There is nothing much we can do against it, the only thing we can use to slightly increase our chances to deal control is a group relic called "Relic of the United Subordination" in ability "Oppression". In the current game balance, it is not difficult to have 50% Resistance, which is why we can't rely on our control abilities too much. We need alternative weapons whose success is not dependent on chance.


image.png.a68c64957c758053d8d6eadcd4cae7ab.png  Book "Magic Resistance" + image.png Weakness (debuff) = ??? Picsart_23-03-10_19-03-20-460.png

Another Non-class book that can counter our control is "Magic Resistance''. This book can reduce the duration of our control by 50%. Sounds like a pain for most classes, but this time we have something against this and it is called "Weakness''. Since the power of this book is based on the magical defence of your enemy, we can weaken the effect of the book with our skill that reduces the enemy’s defence. But is this actually effective?


So how should this work?


Formula - 9425 * (1-0,55) = 4241,3

9425 - Numerical protection value

0,55 - The effect of Weakness (5/5)


This is an example of how it should work IF everything was in our favour. In this version ''Weakness'' looks pretty strong we can see how the enemy's defence is reduced from 59% to 39%. The difference is as much as 20%. But unfortunately, the reality is often disappointing.


How it actually works


Formula - 6500 * (1+(0,45-0,55)) = 5850

6500 - Defence of the enemy without a percentage increase in defence

0,45 - Percentage increase in defence

0,55 - The effect of Weakness (5/5)


In this variant, percentage increases in defence are taken into account separately, and the final defence of the enemy is not reduced as effectively as in the first example. Percentage increases can be obtained from guilds, castles, non-class books, battles, buffs and skills. The more of these percentage increases your enemy has, the more the effectiveness of our skill will decrease per defence cut. In this variant, the enemy's defence decreased from 59% to 47%, that is, by as much as 12%, not as rosy as it was.


Another example


Formula - 4483 * (1+(0,45-0,55)) = 5850

4483 - Defence of the enemy without a percentage increase in defence

0,45 - Percentage increase in defence

0,55 - The effect of Weakness (5/5)


Most non-tank classes have less amount of defence but even here the difference is barely seen. In conclusion ability ''Weakness'' is not effective against the book "Magic Resistance" and these examples strongly call into question the levelling of the skill itself. So what we actually can do against this powerful non-class book? Nothing much but we can find a friend Warlock. Control from this guy completely ignores the effect of this book.






image.png Combat Healing  image.png Otherworldly Blessing  image.png Help of Chaos


Charmer's strongest weapon in his arsenal is healing abilities. He has one of the most interesting and unique skills in this field. Charmer has both a periodic heal and an instant one. Such variability plays in favour of the character, for example, periodic healing helps to survive when you are kept under control. In turn, an instant heal can restore your health from a minimum to a maximum amount very quickly. Let's take a closer look at each ability.

image.png Combat Healing

"Combat Healing" is a hybrid of instant and periodic healing, making it versatile in combat. Because he has both types of healing in one skill, the amount of healing from each type is slightly less than that of other classes' analogues, such as Shaman and Necromancer, whose abilities only have one type. However, the total amount of healing is nearly equal.  Since using the skill first triggers an instant heal, there is a synergy with empowering relic called ''Magic Relic of Resilience'' which amplifies our heal on low health. This can be a huge life safer in critical situations.


Healing from ability based on the magic power


 image.png Otherworldly Blessing


This skill is distinct from other healing skills in that its primary function is to increase the total amount of the character's health, but when used again, it functions as a healing skill. This is also demonstrated by the fact that buffs benefit him, increasing the healing from skills. The skill's uniqueness lies in the fact that its heal and health buff can be shared with a partner, though the effect will be slightly weaker. This makes the skill ideal for team battles. This ability also increases the maximum amount of energy, the "Critical hit power" parameter, and critical healing power, which improve our healing abilities. The skill increases the amount of health from the base amount of health without percentage increases.


image.png Help of Chaos


One of the most powerful healing abilities that can not only heal you but also attack your enemy. This skill works as a buff that summons a creature that helps you, it follows you everywhere and heals you every 5 seconds. The biggest drawback of this skill is that creature can be targeted by other players. It means that the monster can be killed and you will be left without your main healing. Luckily skill cooldown is not long. Also, the creature won't heal you while it is under enemies control but if you have enough parameter ''Resistance'' it might not happen, because the monster inherits this parameter from Charmer.


Healing from ability based on the magic power


resi.png.b2a25a3a008412d2d17c9c8efd087a4d.png Parameter ''Resilience'' + image.png Demonic Pact


There are two ways we can strengthen our main healing ability. The first is to have a high number of the parameter "Resilience," because pets inherit it from Charmer, making them much more durable. The second option is to use the skill "Demonic Pact," which reduces the damage dealt to the pet. Getting creatures stronger is important because it makes it more difficult for our enemies to kill us.

How to amplify healing abilities?

image.png.d82ccb560b6080b2a043b440bb4257a1.png Lifeforce (potion) + image.png.214115a9dcbd2cccfdd328f61c4957c5.png Exceptional Healing (castle buff)


There are other ways to increase the amount of healing besides the obvious increase in damage, which directly affects the strength of healing skills. One of them is the "Lifeforce" potion, which healers treat as another passive skill because it increases healing power by 60% (30% on arena), making it useful for us. The castle provides yet another healing buff (It turns out the buff does not work on the ability "Help of Chaos"). The strength of this buff is determined by which castle your guild owns. The most powerful buff comes from Castle "Sea Turtle," which increases healing by 30%. If you combine this with a potion buff, your healing power will drastically increase.


image.png.4c8e658faab47b04cf30bea31fef5dfe.png Crushing Will (Set skill)

This skill can be obtained by wearing a half-set of tritons cloth armour. Skill increases the character's ''Critical Hit'' parameter, the value of critical damage and critical healing from the character's skills. Although this is a very strong skill for any healer, you need to remember that using it has its drawbacks that must be considered. To begin, the triton set is PvE armour, which means it lacks a Resilience parameter. We lose 11,3% of our resilience when we wear a half set, which has a significant impact on our survival. We'll heal better, but we'll also take more damage. This disadvantage can be counterbalanced by using various resilience buffs, but in this case, we will be limited in our buff options, which can be critical given the game's current realities. What makes it worse skill consumes a large amount of mana which can affect our ability to cast spells. So is it worth using such a skill? It is up to you but what I will show you next will speak for itself.


 https://forum.warspear-online.com/uploads/monthly_2023_03/image.png.9c340ab59a13bc83a93a925b74e66c74.png Terrible Relic of Apathy

I already mentioned this relic earlier it reduces your healing to 0 and can obliterate healers in a matter of seconds. No matter how much healing you have under the effect of this relic, you become easy prey for the enemy and the only thing we can do in this case is either have a large amount of resistance and hope that the relic does not work, or have the non-class book "Magic Resistance"

Video demonstration








Main damage-dealing abilities

image.png Dark Prism    image.png Knowledge of the Dead Man    image.png Help of Chaos


Magic Charmer is not a damage dealer, so why do we need to know about his attack potential? Yes, Charmer is a support type, but he can also deal damage. Not as much as other damage dealers, but it can still help us win. We can't rely solely on our abilities to control and heal. Our damage can be used as another tool, and this is now possible thanks to recent balance changes.


How to Increase the Attack


image.png Dark Prism


There are many ways how we can increase attack potential. One of them is to use an empowering relic that can be inserted into a skill ''Dark Prism'' and is called ''Great Relic of Punishing Skill'' which can increase damage from the ability by 12%. In the same skill, we can also insert a group relic called ''Relic of the United Poisoning'' which will deal periodic magical damage to the opponent.


image.png Help of Chaos


As strange as it may sound, the most powerful healing skill is also an excellent skill for dealing damage. Having a sufficient amount of the “Skill Cooldown” parameter and having properly levelled skills, we can summon two creatures on an ongoing basis (even three with some manipulations), which will deal damage every 4.5 seconds. It is like having two additional damage abilities with a quick cooldown that are autonomous. The only disadvantage of the creatures is that they cannot be stacked on one character. Even though, this is not a major issue in team fights. However, if you are alone with your opponent, you can use the second pet on the first one, and they will both hit the target. Be careful if the first pet is killed, the second pet will disappear at the same time.

image.png Knowledge of the Dead Man


After balance changes, this ability became pretty decent at dealing damage. One of the main advantages of this skill is that it is passive, which means it does not cost mana. The only thing is you need to use 5 skills to activate it. Technically cooldown of this ability is based on how fast you will use skills. On average it takes 6-7 seconds if you use skills without stops and have at least a 65% ''Skill cooldown'' parameter.


fero.png.e287d9929ded937374f592439127876d.png Parameter ''Ferocity''

This parameter increases your damage against players and is only found in PvP weapons. If we wanna deal decent damage PvP weapon is the best choice for that. Many consider it useless for healers because PvP weapons have slightly less magic damage, but if you can significantly increase your damage on the enemy, sacrificing a small amount of healing, then it's worth it.


image.png.791bd12381adc810887c586c0b5299c6.png Exceptional Attack (castle buff)


Another castle buff but this time it increases damage from skills. What you need to know is that it doesn't work on the ability ''Knowledge of the Dead Man'' and ''Help of Chaos''. This makes it kind of useless for Charmer. Perhaps in the future, it will work.



Defence and Mobility



  image.png Eye of the Darkness  image.png Heavy Armor (class passive skill)


Charmer is the type of healer who can wear heavy armour, which makes him tough to kill. Sounds cool yeah? Unfortunately for us, heavy armour is not an option, because it does not have parameters that are needed for support, for example, ''Skill cooldown'' and magic damage in some parts of the armour. Can we combine it with cloth armour? Yes, but it still won't work for us. Cloth armour will always be the best option for magic Charmer. There is still another way how we can make our defence stronger without heavy armour and it is called ''Eye of the Darkness''. This skill increases your defence and the "Accuracy" parameter, as well as the chance of detecting invisible enemies within a radius of 10 yards. It can be useful not only to reduce receiving damage but also helps to hit classes that have a high amount of parameter ''Dodge''.


image.png Bonds of Life (Key class talent) + image.png Call


Charmer can summon another monster with the skill ''Call'' it can deal damage but unfortunately is based on physical damage which makes it useless for magic Charmer. However, we can still find other uses for it thanks to key class talent ''Bonds of Life''. This talent redirects 13% of the damage you received to all monsters summoned by the "Call" skill. The only thing is in magic build your summoned monster will die pretty fast but it can help to survive someone's attack. What else you need to know about the skill ''Call'' is that your enemy might use it as a way to regain health if they have enough "'Steal Health'' parameter. This is often done by damage dealers, which can make it difficult to kill them, so in such cases, it is recommended not to use this skill.

1678905272011.png Thirst for Life (Set skill)

Talking about defence I cannot to mention this ability that comes from Triton's heavy armour half-set. This skill increases the maximum character health by 20% and reduces any incoming damage dealt to the character by players by 15%. In my opinion, this ability is overrated because it heavily restricts Charmer as a support character. This can make you more tenacious but keep in mind that with this armour you will lose 11,3% of resilience which will also affect Charmer's pets. Also, mana consumption from this ability won't allow you to use the skill ''Demonic Pact'' otherwise you will run out of mana. You will lack the ''Skill cooldown'' parameter and everything in total will weaken you so much that the maximum for whom you have enough healing is for yourself. We're not here to create a tank we're here to create a god of healing.


What about mobility?


Unfortunately, Charmer does not have skills that could affect mobility, due to the fact he can attack the target from distance, so there is no point for him to have such abilities in this field. But everything can change who knows? Charmer's gameplay is more about keeping distance than mobility, but about it later.





The importance of the "Skill cooldown" parameter



One of the most essential for Charmer is the ''Skill cooldown'' parameter. Charmer is a caster who constantly needs to use skills on teammates, himself and also to enemies. The more opportunities you have to put your skills to use, the more useful you will be in the team. This characteristic determines how much healing you can provide to yourself or your squad. The skill "Help of Chaos" is a good example of this. With a sufficient percentage of the "Skill cooldown" parameter, you can constantly heal two of your teammates, and if one of the summoned pets dies, you can quickly summon the next one. This parameter is also useful when you need to permanently control an enemy, and if your abilities cooldown fast enough, you won't need to level some of the control abilities as a result.


image.png.582281b7f7579ea2ceaf41d07095beeb.png Parameter ''Skill cooldown'' + image.png.7f1397667ed6c0cecaecdcda5139fd97.png Parameter "Energy regeneration''


Skill cooldown is closely related to energy regeneration, one cannot exist without the other. It's like yin and yang because the more often you use your skills, the more energy will be consumed and it is important that the amount of your energy regeneration can cope with the constant use of skills. We can't afford to run out of mana, because that automatically means death for us. To prevent this, you need to find a balance between these two parameters.


Charmer Skill Cooldown Table


This table displays the recharge rate of the Charmer's skills depending on the amount of the "Skill cooldown" parameter. In the middle of the table is shown the optimal amount of parameter ''Skill cooldown''. It varies between 65% - 80%. The amount of energy regeneration you need to play without running out of mana is 100 - 110 units. With Set skill from Triton armour, it will be 130 - 140 units. These are amount of energy regeneration, taking into account the skill of the ''Demonic Pact''



Skill levelling and Key class talents



There are many options for how we can level skills, but what is important to know before levelling them is what you want to get from your character in the end. Our skill development points are limited, so we must distribute them so that the character can realize himself from multiple perspectives. By focusing on control skills, we may not have enough points for support skills or vice versa. The skill build needs to be balanced. I will show you my version of skill levelling, which I think is best for magic Charmer and explain why. (This build can be made only if you have 21 skill development points which include points from talents).






Basic Skills


image.png Combat Healing (5/5)   image.png Oppression (5/5)


To be able to level expert skills, first, we need to spend 10 skill development points on basic skills. Charmer have undoubtedly two best options from basic skills it is ''Combat Healing'' and ''Oppression''. This expands our ability to heal and control, which we will rely on during battles.


image.png Dark Prism (3/5) or image.png Weakness (3/5)


So we have left 2 skill development points that we need to use. Ability ''Call'' is not an option for us because it is for physical Charmer. We have only two more basic skills ''Dark Prism'' and "Weakness''. This is where it gets controversial. Many people prefer the debuff to reduce the protection of the enemy, but the problem is that at 3/5 the skill hardly significantly increases damage to enemies. For some time I played even with a 5/5 ''Weakness'' and I can't say that I liked what I saw. Unfortunately, the debuff weakens the defence not as effectively as it says in the description of the skill. Because of that, I would prefer "Dark Prism" this skill is more versatile to use when in combat you need to fight with several opponents. "Weakness" is more effective when it comes to 1v1 fights.


Expert Skills


image.png Knowledge of the Dead Man (4/4)  image.png Stone Curse (1/4)


Now it is time for Expert skills, we could spend more skill development points on Basic skills, but there is no need for that. From control abilities we for sure need ''Knowledge of the Dead Man'' it is a core skill for Charmer to be able to permanently control the enemy. Also levelling it significantly increases damage from skill so it is like 2 in 1, so we take it. What about ''Stone Curse"?  It is the weakest control ability, so there is no point in levelling it. The only thing you can get from levelling "Stone Curse'' is plus 3 seconds for you to be unable to hit your enemy. Sounds like a joke and you can only use this ability from 4 yards which is literally death for Charmer. Also, there is no need for you to have more control 1/4 ''Stone Curse'' is enough.


image.png Help of Chaos (4/4)   image.png Demonic Pact (3/4)


"Help of Chaos" is the obvious choice for magic Charmer, it is a core healing ability. To unlock the full potential of this skill, you must have a ''Demonic Pact''. The synergy of these two skills is what makes Charmer a good healer for your group. "Demonic Pact" not only allows us constantly keep two creatures on our teammates but also makes it harder to kill them. But why only 3/4? Because we do not have extra skill development points and the difference between 3/4 and 4/4 ''Demonic Pact'' is imperceptible.


image.png Otherworldly Blessing (4/4) or image.png Eye of the Darkness (4/4)


We have left two options first is ''Otherworldly Blessing'' which expands our opportunities for support and the second is ''Eye of the Darkness'' which increases our amount of defence and ''Accuracy'' parameter. Both are great in their way but if you want to be a good healer for a team, then your only option is ''Otherworldly Blessing''. However, if you have a non-class book like "Magic Resistance"  or Book "Magic Extension" then ''Eye of the Darkness'' will suit you more because it can affect the power of those books.


image.png Otherworldly Fire (1/4 ???)


''Otherworldly Fire'' is not a PvP ability it has too many drawbacks. Low chance of dealing stun, the enemy can just avoid the area of effect and you can simply not hit the enemy due to lags and other problems with the Internet. But this skill has applications elsewhere.







Basic Skills


image.png Combat Healing (5/5)   image.png Oppression (5/5)


The basic skill levelling for the PvP and GvG builds is very similar. This is why 5/5 "Combat Healing" and 5/5 "Oppression" remain the same.


image.png Dark Prism (3/5)  image.png Weakness (1/5)


In large-scale battles ''Weakness'' is useless, there is no point to decrease defence for single targets. 3/5 ''Dark Prism'' will do us more favour on these occasions.


Expert Skills


image.png Otherworldly Fire (4/4)


This ability is the only reason why Charmer can be useful in mass battles so there is no need for the explanation why ''Otherworldly Fire'' is 4/4.


image.png Help of Chaos (4/4)   image.png Demonic Pact (1/4)


The Charmer's pets in mass battles die very quickly, so the skill levelling priority is slightly different here. We still need ''Help of Chaos'' because it is the core healing ability for us, but there is no point to level the "Demonic Pact'' because it will not save the creature from dying. So we should save skill development points for other skills.


image.png Otherworldly Blessing (4/4)  image.png Eye of the Darkness (3/4)


It is important for GvG that we can survive as long as possible and for this, we need ''Otherworldly Blessing'' and ''Eye of the Darkness''. These two skills will greatly increase our survivability in crowds. Because we have limited skill development points "Eye of the Darkness" levelling is 3/4. The difference between 3/4 and 4/4 ''Otherworldly Blessing'' would affect us more.



Key class talents




Key class talents add a new perspective to your character and abilities. They modify skills making them do something new or just increasing strength of ability so the skill can sparkle with new colours. Many classes received interesting and powerful key class talents but Charmer is not on this list because his abilities are strong on their own maybe except one (''Goading''). Anyway, let's see what we got in store.


image.png Plagued Minion


With this talent, if your pet from ability ''Call'' dies skill creates a cursed zone under itself for 6 seconds that deals magic and physical damage. It would be great talent if the damage was a bit higher. I would say it is a good little bonus to ability and I am sure it has a great personality. This would have worked well on GvG but again the damage...


image.png The Face of Death


After we attack a target with our ability "Knowledge of the Dead Man" it additionally receives a debuff for 10 sec. The effect increases critical damage by 12% dealt to the target. It is just a nice addition to the PvE side of the class. I truly do not wanna know how PvP ability received PvE talent and how these two intersect but okay move on.


image.png Bonds of Life


Best from all talents from what we got. While the "Demonic Pact" skill is in effect, the character evenly redirects 13% of the damage received to all monsters summoned by the "Call" skill. This talent makes the ability ''Call'' worthy even for magic Charmer. It increases our defence in PvP fights but unfortunately, it is useless in GvG because pets die too fast from area damage. But still good talent and the only one that will be ever used.


image.png Embrace of the Darkness


And on dessert, we have the weakest talent of all. I would call it a failed attempt to revive a dead skill. Well, at least they tried. So what this talent does is that it modifies ''Goading'' ability. With talent, it will additionally apply a debuff to all opponents. The effect reduces the physical and magical protection of targets by 20% for the duration of the skill. Increases the deceleration power from the skill by 13%. Looks like a good skill for GvG huh? Yeah, maybe in another universe. So why it is so bad? To achieve full effectiveness of this talent we need to level up the ''Goading'' skill so that we could affect more targets and debuff would last longer. Problem is that ''Goading'' is a totally useless and unworthy skill for levelling. All it can do is slow down the enemy's movement with talent it is like 50%. I will not even comment on how useless is this debuff in the current game balance. And if we remember how works defence reduction debuff it will feel like a joke. I do not recommend ever use this talent on any occasion yall stay safe!







Relics have an important part in PvP and for some classes even in GvG too, but unfortunately, Charmer is not one of them, because Charmer's basic skills focus only on a single target. At least you don't have to remember to change relics every GvG. Luckily for us, Charmer is not deprived of strong relics in general. In the photo, you can see the best relics for each basic skill for Charmer lets talk about the most interesting ones.


Best relics for Charmer


image.png.c027786bff1bd21ba25fb99286fb0c2e.png Ice Relic of Captivity

This relic can trap your enemy in ice. It is a good relic for defence and can buy you some time for the next attack. The only problem is that the control effect can be cancelled if the enemy gets damaged. It means that you will find a hard time realizing the full potential of this relic in the arena because your teammates could ruin the effect of the relic. Additionally, Charmer's pets will automatically attack a target that is under ice control. So for Charmer, this relic works even worse. But it is still the best relic of all the others options. Maybe someday this relic will work more properly for Charmer.


https://forum.warspear-online.com/uploads/monthly_2023_03/image.png.9c340ab59a13bc83a93a925b74e66c74.png Terrible Relic of Apathy


One of the deadliest relics in Charmer's arsenal. This relic can nullify all your enemy's healing abilities. The only drawback of this relic is that it is rare and expensive, so if you don't have it, you can use ''Relic of Wild Thrill''. This can give you a chance to put the enemy under control.


image.png.9fc4568fd30948bd176cc6afcf7797b4.png Terrible Relic of Secret Theft


Best defensive relic which restores health by 30% of the damage dealt by the enemy while we are under control effect. This relic can save your life from death. Here is also no drawbacks.


image.png.f78af4dc76e095591df3d27cede64e26.png Magic Relic of Reaction


This relic can help you ignore any control effect from the next enemy attack if he ignores debuff from your ability. It can be helpful against enemies who have high ''Resistance'' parameters or anti-control abilities. Because this relic is in ''Weakness'' ability we can use it on purpose against enemies who are under anti-control buff to get an advantage, without fear of losing important ability.


image.png.66719ecc599249a3297b5766d55ec134.png Magic Relic of Resilience


Relic increases heal by 40% if the skill is used while your health level is under 30% from the maximum and it ends working instantly when your health level is higher than 30%. So this relic will work better with skills that heal you instantly and for our, luck Charmer has instant healing from basic skills that makes it perfect to use. With help of this relic, you can recover full health in seconds and if you are lucky enough to get critical healing then it will be more than enough.


image.png.4b3a713fcb82a5cbc48143e3b895a2b3.png Great Relic of Inaccessibility


Without this relic, it is practically impossible to use ''Oppression'' in a fight. Because this ability can be only used from 3 yards which are deadly for us and with relic distance grow up to 5 yards. Distance for Charmer is key to life.



Equipment Construction



Assembling equipment is an important part of any character. This can help reinforce the strengths of the class. Due to its versatility, the Charmer can be dressed in many different ways, for almost any situation in the game. In the selection of equipment, it is important to focus on the parameters that will fully reveal the strength of our character in battle. In our case, these are the "Skill cooldown", "Resilience" and "Energy Regeneration" parameters. Any self-respecting player starts to collect PvP equipment from armour because our survivability always plays the highest role in battles, so first, we will look at the choice of armour.






Classic set of Greatness


This armour set is the most balanced in terms of the parameters we need. With it, you will have the maximum amount of ''Resilience'' and ''Skill cooldown'' thanks to the bonuses from the full set. Also, because of the lack of a bonus skill from the set, there will be no special limitation in terms of mana consumption, which allows us to use skills without fear that the mana will run out. To all this, we will not need to use buffs for ''Resilience'', because we will already have this parameter almost under the cap. This expands our ability to use other kinds of buffs.


God of Healing Set


If you want to become a God of Healing, then Triton cloth armour will help you with this. This combination of armour will save you the same amount of ''Skill cooldown'', but the "Resilience'' parameter will be 11.3% less than with a full PvP armour set. In such an assembly, the boots must be with the "Energy Regeneration" parameter, but even this does not guarantee that you will not run out of mana in the middle of the battle. In this case, you should consider buying a non-class book "Power of Spirit", which can fix the situation with the lack of mana due to the bonus skill. Speaking of skill bonus, it significantly increases the amount of our heal, but for characters who do not have non-class books, such a set will be more of a burden. Due to the use of PvE armour, we will need ''Resilience'' buffs to compensate for this disadvantage, otherwise, you will become a very easy target for enemies. Under the buffs from the battle, the power of this set of armour is revealed in full force.


Armour Set for GvG



On GvG, our support abilities fade into the background, in this case, it is important to focus on our survivability. The longer we live in mass battles, the more times we can use our crowd-control skills and absorb more damage. With this task, a heavy set of triton armour can help us, or rather a bonus skill from it, which cuts incoming damage by 15%. The combination of such armour in total will cut a little less damage than a full PvP set, but with ''Resilience'' buffs, it's a completely different story. Among the shortcomings, again, high mana consumption can be noted, but on GvG it is often impossible to use skills in battles, as a result of which, in general, mana consumption will be less. The second drawback is the amount of the ''Skill cooldown'' parameter, which we have nothing to compensate for. Also, bonus skill increase our amount of health. As a result, this choice of equipment will help us significantly increase our survivability in large-scale battles.


Starter Kit



For novice players, their PvP path will need to start with less powerful equipment. Here the usual PvP set will come to your aid, the main difference of which is the absence of any bonuses from the full set. For the first time, while you get better equipment, this set will suit you perfectly. The main thing is not to combine this set of armour with heavy armour, it will only make you worse as a support





The topic of belts in the game community has been raised more than once, a huge amount of controversy was about which belt is better, PvP or Craft. To understand this, you need to understand what are the main differences between these two belts. The main advantage of the crafting belt is that it adds more health, an average of 500 units more. And in addition to this, it also gives the skill cooldown parameter instead of resilience. In general, after losing 3.4% of resilience, we get +8.3% to the ''Skill cooldown'' parameter and +500 points to our health. From my own experience of the game, I can say that with a full PvP armour set, it makes no sense to take a PvP belt, but if you combine your equipment with PvE armour, then in this case the PvP belt will look better. By using the resilience buff you can have this parameter under the cap and in addition, you will have an additional skill from the PvE half-set.







Classic set of Greatness




This set of jewellery is the strongest in the game. It gives the maximum increase in magical damage and significantly increases the character's defence since this equipment has a resilience parameter. It will take time to get such a set of jewellery, so you need to find analogues that will work best for a while.


Starter Kit


As an alternative, we take a cloak from crafting, it is almost in no way inferior to the PvP option, except for the lack of resilience. You can take any rings, the main thing is that they increase the amount of health, but the best option would be if the rings are in addition to the skill cooldown parameter. An amulet is also needed with health points and ideally with a % bonus to magic damage. In total, such a set of jewellery will give us the necessary amount of health and magic damage will not be much lower.



Weapon Variety





Finally, we come to the most interesting part, namely the choice of weapons. Which weapon you choose will completely determine which role your character will specialize in the most in combat. For the Charmer, there are 3 types of weapons - for dealing damage, for supporting the group, and for large-scale battles between players. Next, we will analyze each type, how they differ and which weapon is best suited for a certain role in battle.


Weapon for damage dealing


To be able to deal more damage against enemies we need to focus on parameters like "Ferocity" and "Penetration". Charmer has great potential to deal damage and with the right weapon, we can achieve it.



For dealing damage, we have two choices, a PvP stave with a ferocity parameter and a PvE stave with a double penetration parameter. Each of these staves is good in its own way, but to understand which choice is the best for us, let's take a closer look at the difference in damage between them.


PvE stave (with Magic Power Crystal)



PvE stave (with Crystal of Ferocity)



We can see that damage to opponents will be higher with Crystal of Ferocity, but our healing abilities will be weaker since we have less magic power. It is a good weapon but unfortunately, this stave is poorly balanced between damage and healing, we need something that can manage both aspects.


PvP stave (with Magic Power Crystal)



PvP stave deals slightly less damage than PvE stave with Crystal of Ferocity, but it has more magic power which means our healing abilities will heal more. In my opinion PvP stave is perfectly balanced it has everything we need, damage, magic power for healing and skill cooldown parameter. This stave is enough versatile for Charmer.


Weapon for supporting the group


To be able to heal our group more we need maximum magic power, the ''Critical hit'' parameter to increase the chance of critical healing and the ''Skill cooldown'' parameter.


Here again, we have two options, actually one, but I included PvE stave with a double critical hit parameter because some Charmers use it and that's weird. For Charmer, PvE stave from craft is more suitable for supporting and I will prove it.


PvE stave with double "Critical hit" parameter


PvE stave from craft



As you can see PvE stave from craft is not only more balanced in parameters but also can deal more damage and has slightly more magic power. Yes, the chance for critical healing will be less but it is not significant. PvE stave with double critical hit has nothing much to offer to Charmer, so if we wanna be good support our only choice here is PvE stave from craft.


Weapon for GvG


For Charmer to be able to deal more impact in large-scale battles we need to focus on the parameter ''Stun'' because of the synergy with the ability ''Otherworldly Fire''.




The only option here is PvE stave with the ''Stun'' parameter it will work well because it also has penetration so we can deal more damage and accuracy that lowers chances to miss against the enemy. With the ability ''Otherworldly Fire'' and this stave we will produce much more control in battles.


PvE stave with the ''Stun'' parameter (with Crystal of Stun)







Enchantment bonuses play a big part in the character build they can compensate lack of parameters that you could not get enough from equipment, like the ''Critical hit'' parameter which is why we use ''Crystal of Deadliness'' in cloak and amulet. Enchantment bonuses can be different based on how many non-class books you have or on what parameters you want to focus more. In the photo, you can see the most common version of enchantment but that's not the only way how to enchant equipment. Let's take a look at which enchantments may differ.


Common version of enchantment



image.png.37e405acfaed488b090361e42e94d266.png Vampirism Rune


If you have a non-class book "Distortion of Life" you need to use ''Vampirism Rune'' in the amulet, ring and cloak. That will help you to increase the effectiveness of this book.


image.png.bed226117cbec1aa6dcd51f94be3868d.png Rune of Resistance


''Rune of Resistance'' can be used in helmet, boots and amulet. With this rune and resistance buffs you can achieve up to 49% ''Resistance'' parameter which is pretty powerful in PvP battles.


image.png.93af7f33c507e4007bfa387c565f4d89.png Crystal of Wisdom


This crystal can be helpful if you have some sort of problems with mana. Increasing your amount of energy will take a much longer time to run out of it. So if you are in a long fight it may come in handy to you. ''Crystal of Wisdom'' also is perfect for Charmer because this class have the ability to increase the amount of energy. You can use this crystal in the cloak, helmet and body armour. I do not recommend using it in the helmet.


image.png.8e144699a7856bc645da702ecbeedd85.png Crystal of Stun


This crystal specifically is used in PvE stave with the ''Stun'' parameter. It significantly increases the chance of dealing stun. There is no need to use this crystal in other staves.


image.png.65ccd1f7e5f341580bec930dc11bd485.png  Crystal of Accuracy


If you have major problems dealing with enemies who have a high amount of ''Dodge'' parameter you can use this crystal in your amulet, gloves and helmet, but I do not recommend using it in a helmet.




The Art of Combat



Charmer is not one of the easiest to play with. As a support in PvP, you need to be able to keep your distance from enemies, heal your teammates, constantly monitor the entire battlefield, give control to enemies, deal damage, and most importantly, not die yourself. And all this must be done at the same time. Only practice will help us learn how to play well, but there is a way to gradually master all the skills for fighting. It is necessary to set priorities, that is, to complete tasks on the battlefield that will make the most impact in battle. The Charmer first needs to think about how to heal allies and keep their distance from the enemy. The second step is to be able to analyze the battlefield and give control to the most dangerous enemies. And the last thing, if you have time left for this, you need to deal damage, but for the Charmer this task is performed by his pets, so we will not have to strain.


Distance is key to life


As I mentioned before, distance is very important for a Charmer. But why? If we get too close to the enemy, our risk of gaining control increases very quickly, which can make us easy prey. Most of the skills in the game can be used from 4 yards or less, this is very noticeable with ranged players whose job is to deal damage. This limitation forces them to come closer to the enemy. It is a great risk for us to die if they can approach us at such a distance. Therefore, it is important to keep a distance of at least 5 yards from the enemy, and even this does not guarantee that we will not receive damage or control, but it greatly reduces our chances of this. The most ideal distance is 6 yards, but we still sometimes have to get 1 yard closer to the enemy to use some skills. Fortunately, the Charmer can give out control from 6 yards and move a little closer to the enemy to give the next control or attack.


What is kiting and how to use it?


Kiting is a term primarily encountered in MMORPGs referring to a popular method of killing other players by staying at a distance, using ranged attacks, and running whenever the enemy comes near. It's quite easy to kite for the Charmer because we can use our pets and they, in turn, periodically stop the enemy's movement. To successfully kite the enemy, we use control from 6 yards and if it works, then we move 1 yard closer and continue our attack. As soon as the enemy is freed from our control, we immediately need to run back and wait for a moment until we can again give control from 6 yards along the way calling our pets. Of course, this strategy has its drawbacks, for example, against opponents who have teleportation skills, kiting will not help much. Also, your enemy can use your pets to restore their health, this is also worth considering.


How to use our control properly


Control is a big part of Charmer's offence and we need to know how to use it properly. First, you need to understand how you can keep the enemy in permanent control. There are often moments in fights when you have to focus on the most dangerous player so that your teammates or you don't die. We have 3 skills that will help us with this. For the Charmer, there is no specific combination of skills that can be used to keep someone in permanent control. In our case, we are guided by the control from our passive skill, it is he who tells us when to press the next control skill.


Video demonstration



First, we need to charge the stun buff, for this we use 5 skills. Then we give out this control to the enemy and use 3 skills that are not control skills, then we press the next control skill ''Oppression'' and use 1 more skill, then we give out control from the passive skill, again we press 2 any skills and throw "Stone Curse" at the enemy. This is the most dangerous moment for us because the enemy has a gap to use the skill and it is not easy to get rid of this gap, since the game does not allow us to immediately give the next control after the stone, as the enemy leave the state of invulnerability.


How to use ''Stone Curse'' in PvP


Stone Curse is really annoying ability. Not only is it used from 4 yards, but it also makes the enemy invulnerable. If not used correctly, we can save our enemy from death. I advise you to use this skill only for self-defense when the enemy is sharply approaching you. Do not under any circumstances try to attack with this skill, because the distance of its use is only 4 yards, use it only if you need to keep the enemy in permanent control, but this is only in cases when the fight is with one opponent. Also, do not use the skill on an enemy who has little health. The only advantage of this skill is that it can help you manage your team. For example, if your team focuses on an enemy they can't kill quickly, you throw a stone at that enemy to show your team that they shouldn't attack him. In this way, you help your team make the right decision in battle.


How to support team


As a support, it is important for you to heal your allies in time and constantly monitor their health levels. To do this as efficiently as possible, we have the opportunity to use group widgets for this. With this, we can see which ally our healing is working on and who needs to be healed. Also, with the help of party widgets, you can heal allies without having to target them during the battle. You need to be careful with this because if you do not keep track of where your ally is, using a heal on him through the widget, you can lose distance and you can be easily killed. Widgets make our job easier, but it's still important for us to keep an eye on the battlefield.


How to fight on arena


Having combined all the previously listed skills, we use them in the arena, where our initial task is to support the group. At the beginning of the battle, you cast "Help of Chaos" on an ally who lacks defence to survive under enemy attacks, but you should not use the skill on an ally who is very weak because of equipment, even with all your healing abilities will not be enough to save him. Then we use "Otherworldly Blessing" on an ally and activate the "Demonic Pact" skill. After that, you need to charge the passive skill for control to the end. After the rollback of the skill, use the second pet either on another reliable ally or on yourself. When the encounter starts, you can initiate an attack from 6 yards and stun one of the enemies but don't get any closer, leave that to your team. Your task is to remain in the rear and heal the team. If possible, update the healing buff on your allies and continue to attack from a distance. If it becomes necessary to get closer, then do so only when you are under healing from your pet.


How to act in large-scale battles (GvG)


In GvG our style of play is very different from what we do in PvP. Here we focus not on the team, but on ourselves. We mainly use healing skills and other buffs on ourselves so that we can last as long as possible in battle. Our main attack skill is ''Otherworldly Fire'', which is the first thing we use in any encounter with enemies. Depending on the mechanics of GvG itself, our style of play does not change, we also continue to keep our distance as much as possible.


image.png.b5c830b9b471f2806f23f81b12c8b5d5.png Magic Globe of the Guild


The only note is that Guild Skills are heavily used in guild battles and there is one skill that we need to avoid and it's called ''Magic Globe of the Guild''. It reduces our damage in a range of 5x5 yards, in battle, it is important for us to get out of the zone of influence of this skill so that our skills deal more damage, but keep in mind that it is difficult to move in mass battles since control can fly to us from anywhere.



Choice of Partner



Choosing the right mate can help make up for the shortcomings of your class. In our case, we do not have enough damage, so we will look for partners among classes that can deal a lot of damage. The best options here are Warlock, Chieftain, Rogue and Hunter. Let's see how each pair of classes differs and which one better compensates for each other's shortcomings and enhances the strengths of the character.


Charmer + Warlock


This combination of classes is very lethal due to the amount of control that both classes have. The Warlock is also a ranged attacker, so he has no mobility skills, but this is not necessary, because he easily compensates for our lack of damage. This class also has a good defence, which is provided by talent. The Warlock does not have outstanding healing skills, but it is our task to compensate for their lack. Overall, this combination of classes is the best in my opinion, as the Warlock has a type of control that cannot be countered by non-class books. Also, it will not be difficult for the Charmer to heal such a partner. In general, this pair compensates well for each other's shortcomings, which is why they can withstand many strong opponents even with overpowered non-class books.


Power graph of Charmer and Warlock


Charmer + Chieftain


The second strongest pair of classes in my opinion. Why not the first? Because the Chieftain has a severe lack of control. While the Charmer can make up for this shortcoming, it must be taken into account that the Charmer's control is easily countered by having non-class books. However, it is still a very strong combination of classes. Although the Chieftain specializes in close range, he has a great defence and, under our heal, he is almost impossible to kill. Also, his distinguishing feature is his mobility and huge damage per second, if he approaches the enemy, there is a high chance that he will kill him instantly on the spot. The Chieftain has his own healing skill, but it is relevant only in the magic assembly, which is not very strong in PvP. As a result, the only drawback of this pair is only in the skills of control, in everything else they perfectly compensate for each other's shortcomings.


Power graph of Charmer and Chieftain


Charmer + Rogue

In third place, I put the combination of the Charmer and the Rogue. The main reason is that the Rogue is a melee fighter and his defence is completely dependent on the "Dodge" parameter, which cannot be called a very reliable way of protection. In addition to all this, the type of control that the Rogue has is also a stun, that is, although he has a good amount of control, he can not compensate for the quality of this very control. Although the Rogue's defence is lame, we can still heal him so that he does not fall under the onslaught of enemy attacks. Rogue also has good damage per second, slightly worse than the Chieftain, but still just as deadly. In addition, this class is very mobile due to the skill that can teleport him to the enemy. This combination can still show something, but it is already much inferior to the previous options.


Power graph of Charmer and Rogue


Charmer + Hunter


This combination of classes is the weakest there is no point in showing it here, but for the sake of information, why not. Hunter is a ranged damage dealer, but he is worse than a Rogue in that his damage is too stretched, he cannot deliver a large amount of damage in a second, as other classes do. Hunter's strengths are the types of control skills he has, but he can only use them from 4 yards and given that he has the weakest defence, we may have problems healing him so he does not die. In general, this pair of classes does not work well together.


Power graph of Charmer and Hunter




Combinations and selection of buffs



When we have already collected a character, pumped out skills, and picked up a good partner, it remains only to decide on the buffs that we will use in battle. No matter how trite it may sound, buffs can greatly strengthen the character for different situations. Some players even make entire builds for certain buffs. The main problem in fights is control from enemies, which greatly prevents us from using our skills to the fullest, but even this problem can be reduced if you combine your buffs correctly. Let's analyze under what situations you need to use certain buffs.


image.png.d82ccb560b6080b2a043b440bb4257a1.png Lifeforce (potion)


This buff will become your additional passive skill, because without it we will not be able to survive in battles, given how much damage some classes have, even this may not save us. This potion can be obtained from crafting in the castle. It is not expensive and works for as long as 30 minutes, which is very cool. This potion does not replace the work of other potions.


image.png.ea00ecbdc2cb28542e50515aea2497f6.png Heady Rum


This buff can be obtained from food that can be bought at the port of the underwater sector of Ayvondil. This food increases the amount of our health and enhances the increase in health from the skill "Otherworldly Blessing". A useful buff in both PvP and GvG increases our survivability and makes it possible to absorb more damage.


image.png.7f6f7304ba4f1fc26ac93cc1c315fb5f.png Polar Potion of Resistance + image.png.fbe083c8c897649931325789c7ca2841.png Magnificent Scroll of Invincibility of Sea Turtle Masters


If you are tired of being in control, then this combination of buffs will help you greatly reduce your chances of getting into enemy control. These buffs not only increase the amount of resistance almost to the maximum values but also increase the character's defence, raising our survivability. In PvP, this is a very strong pair of buffs that helps a lot against classes that specialize in control.


image.png.3bcdf8d2f8c15a37a8894ab92f285913.png Spellful Drink + image.png.fbe083c8c897649931325789c7ca2841.png Magnificent Scroll of Invincibility of Sea Turtle Masters


This is my favourite buff combo. It is perfect for use on GvG. The potion gives us an increase in damage and the Rage parameter, due to the use of the "Otherworldly Fire'' skill in the crowd, we can often activate the increase in damage from the Rage parameter. This potion greatly increases the damage that we can deal with. To all this, the scroll raises our defence parameters and the amount of resistance.


image.png.b453518bd894ad571b35748c5bd2238f.png Hoodlum's Tonic + image.png.fbe083c8c897649931325789c7ca2841.png Magnificent Scroll of Invincibility of Sea Turtle Masters


There is also such an option for GvG if you focus on the "Stun" parameter. This potion significantly increases our chances of giving out additional control from the "Otherworldly Fire" skill, but in this case, our damage to enemies will be weaker. It all depends on what you what you prioritize more, dealing damage or control.


image.png.63df063256deb6814006f5e3b3f214eb.png Potion of Majestic Mages + image.png.e32ebc9a4f47998e01cd7e0af107df58.png Mangrove Scroll of Confrontation


Another strong combination of buffs for PvP. The scroll cuts the duration of negative effects on you by 30%, a very strong buff for any support. This scroll gives us a stable opportunity to get out of control and use skills to restore our health or a partner. A potion increases our survivability by increasing the amount of health and increases magic power.


image.png.9ff9a184f9daec2f1891cfb5ff84f6d1.png Great Elixir of Soulwandering and image.png.98f5fd2572103c8917b20cfea83c0c2c.png Great Elixir of Purification


These two elixirs are not exactly buffs but I can't help mentioning them because you can use these bad boys in the arena. So what they can do? Great Elixir of Soulwandering can teleport you to a random place on location. You can use it to escape from the enemy and restore health or even catch someone if you're lucky enough. Great Elixir of Purification removes 3 negative effects from the character. It can also remove a certain type of control from you which can be handy. These elixirs can be crafted in a castle. Use them for your own good.


image.png.c39907af1408a6e459b5fbecb8f9b45a.png Greater Potion of Detection


And the last buff is from Greater Potion of Detection which can help you see characters who are under the invisibility effect. It is not useful for Charmer because he already has the ability with the same buff, but you can still use it if you want. It can be crafted in the castle and this potion does not replace the work of other potions.






Well, everything comes to the end and this guide is not the exception. I hope that this guide could help someone. It was fun to write this I even learned something new for myself in the process. I tried to describe as much as possible what I know about the Charmer. This character is very versatile and perhaps I might have missed something about him. If there was more time, I would add more information about non-class books, but the guide itself already gives an answer to which books will be most useful for Charmer. Since this is my first guide on an international forum, I don't have much understanding of how popular the Charmer is here, but perhaps this guide will inspire someone to choose this character. The Magic Charmer is really interesting in PvP and quite strong.


And in the end, I would like to say thank you to these people for their help, without them the guide would not have turned out so informative.

@Mucmp Helped a lot with the skill "Weakness'' formula and how it reduces defence

@Hedfuc Thanks for the help with formula "Help of Chaos"

@kibertron4ik This guy made a calculator for class abilities. Really useful thing if you want to know how much damage you will deal with your ability.

@Альтрон Thank you for explaining in detail how the bonus skill from the half set of tritons works.


Thank you for reading!



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2 minutes ago, lallouss said:

nice charmer guide bro but i think u should post this in Russian section :tired2:

They have enough guides :firs1tborn:

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16 minutes ago, Comeback said:

Why not...? :shok:

I don't know, because Russian players have a separate section?

If anyone can just post here then it's not fair for the other Russian players that already posted in the Russian forum due to higher competition, and if the precedent is allowed and many people start coming here in the future then might as well not even have 2 separate sections.

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16 минут назад, Gladiator сказал:

I don't know, because Russian players have a separate section?

If anyone can just post here then it's not fair for the other Russian players that already posted in the Russian forum due to higher competition, and if the precedent is allowed and many people start coming here in the future then might as well not even have 2 separate sections.

The guide is written in English, so what is the problem?

On the Russian forum, works are published in the appropriate language, in international on English :unknw:

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3 часа назад, Gladiator сказал:

Is this approved by judges?


The purpose of this contest is to refresh the forum with new guides.  It doesn't matter what region you're from.  And the admins have already said that you can participate in a foreign one, but with the condition that then you cannot participate in Russian.

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2 hours ago, Gladiator said:

I don't know, because Russian players have a separate section?

If anyone can just post here then it's not fair for the other Russian players that already posted in the Russian forum due to higher competition, and if the precedent is allowed and many people start coming here in the future then might as well not even have 2 separate sections.

:spiderpman1:tc of Russian community, keep away nub jajaja

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19 часов назад, lallouss сказал:

i think u should post this in Russian section 

They estimated that in their local section there will be more competition, so they decided to move to "easier" part of forum (some people say that here it takes less effort to win).


a very good plan btw



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8 minutes ago, nth said:

some people say that here it takes less effort to win

they might win the voting public, but ill be honest they not gona be top3 jejeje there is some very good guides here excluding mine :uhuh:

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6 hours ago, lallouss said:

they might win the voting public

most of the upvotes are from russian players, so possibly the only public opinion they would win for, would be that of their own community


6 hours ago, lallouss said:

but ill be honest they not gona be top3

The only reason why I think this guide would not win would be because it only covers the PvP area, when these guides are supposed to cover the class in general, which otherwise would be unfair since all the other participants made their effort to cover the entire class as best as possible


6 hours ago, lallouss said:

here is some very good guides here excluding mine

Your guide was good, I personally liked it. never underestimate your work!

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5 minutes ago, SeaDemon said:

most of the upvotes are from russian players, so possibly the only public opinion they would win for, would be that of their own community


The only reason why I think this guide would not win would be because it only covers the PvP area, when these guides are supposed to cover the class in general, which otherwise would be unfair since all the other participants made their effort to cover the entire class as best as possible


Your guide was good, I personally liked it. never underestimate your work!

I think it's simply every "forum" has their own winner and looser. 

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I'm a little disappointed by how unwelcoming the English community turned out to be. It appears that no one here is interested in writing a good guide, which is unfortunate. If you have a good guide, you should not be concerned about international rivals. You would never have guessed I was from a Russian server if I hadn't wanted to watch the reaction of this community. This place has been quiet for too long. Let's lighten things up for fun.

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