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My story


Ah, I can still remember my first day playing warspear. one of my bestfriends ( in real life) called Dean introduced to me the game. At first I thought it was one of those 'time wasters' . 


2 weeks after my friend told me About the game, I decided to give it a try. From that day on, warspear became a part of my everyday life. 


Apart from my friend Dean, I made another friend inside the game who went by the name of Kickz. We leveled from lvl 4 to 15 together. The gagarott isle of mountain clan was not enjoyable for me because all there was to do was quests quests quests. at level 8 and 11 I was thinking about quitting the game because  I couldn't find anything to do besides quest. 


The fun really started when I got to irsnolt,  this story Is based in irsnolt.


At level 15

I was at the last town, that felt like an accomplishment for me and my friend Kickz and I, started doing our daily quests. One of the Crimson corrundrum quests was to go and kill 2 elfs which where lvl 18 I presume. We had no clue what elfs even looked like at the time. so we headed of to Nadir And out to the right hand side exit where we first encountered elfs, since we where rogues, we used stealth to approach them without Being noticied. it worked. Considering there were only two elfs, we each attacked 1. I fought with the ranger And my friend fought with the blade dancer. In a matter of 4 seconds, the match was over in their favour. We later tried again, and again, and again. We lost every time. My friend still had hope and continued trying. I simply forgot about them and tried to walk past. I

Ended up falling into an ambush, from

That day on, I decided to quit the game. 


6months later, I decided to redownload the game because I would be playing games on my iPod an those games where very similar to warspear, I had day dreams as such about my friend Kickz and I and our unsuccessful battles with first borns. I felt bad. I could not believe I just left my friend all alone without even saying goodbye.


Te first thing I did when I logged in was private chat Kickz, but to my shock, he had ignored me, I would try to send a private message and it just said "this user has put you on their ignore list". I was shattered. I dis'nt know what to do, I then figured, he best thing to do was to rebuild our friendship. So I spend another 2-3 weeks re-leveling to level 15. By the time I leveled to 15, Kickz was level 20, I was proud of him Ofcourse and I started private charting him trying to not make it obvious it was me.  Every now and athen , he would private chat me an we'd laugh and do daily quests together, one day I got the sentinel spy's quest, I didn't want to bother Kickz so I just went of and attempted the quest alone. I lost against a lot first born players but I managed to defeat 2 or 3. Until I found my self in the situation of an ambush again, but this time, a group of mountain clan where traveling that way as well, in the group I spotted Kickz, it had seemed as if there was a big war between the two factions again. I was thankful that y friend didn't have to see me embarrass my self infront of all those elfs again, so I ran away from the ambush Into the group of mountain clan chars. 1 by 1 all the elfs died, but looking at the power some of the mountain clan players had, I wondered how they managed to easily defeat elfs. Then I was informed by Kickz about the new update featuring the miracle shop, it took me about 2 or 3 days to understand everything about the shop, at the end of day 3, I began. Buying miracle coins and amplifying my gear. I spent over 800 dollars to make my equipment full +9, by then I was recognized as one of the strongest players. A week later I told Kickz who I was. At first he didn't believe me, so I had to convince him by telling him out painfull story we shared when we did our first CC quest. By then he believed me, and I apologized, he also apologized for ignoring me. We decided to try the CC quest together again with my gear plus his new gear. There was a change in fate, I was able to kill almost all elfs without any difficulty, and so was Kickz.


This game has really deep memories, I'm glad I found this game.



( I'm not even trying to wi!, just thought I'd share a story)



Char name: Oxygen

Server: sapphire _US

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I dont get it...u say kickz played over 6 months? really? i doubt..i never saw him in 0.7 1.0 1.5 2.0 even.....moreover cc currncy was indroduced just 6-7 months back... and mc was introduced 6-7 months back...and amplify just 1-2month...

good story bro but i doubt its reality:( can u plaese show ur.join date? that would clear all my doubts :) thanks

moreover ur char is just lvl 12 ..oxygen...so i think its a made up one :(

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I swear to god dude, get off my case!


Kickz has played for ages, I've played for ages, oxygen is lvl 12 cause it's my 4th char and it's where I want to get mc on, ffs!


We started playing back when there wasn't miracle shop. Jesus .

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