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Choose Target By Clicking On The Name Of The Player On Party List

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Problem: While playing supportive classes, it can be hard to click on the right person. Specially when the place is crowded, all the player names will stack on top of the others making it hard to distinguish one from another.


Suggestion: Put a checkbox on the game menu with the title "Choose target by clicking on party list name". When this option is active, you can choose the target of a supportive skill (like heal) by clicking on the name of the player in the party list located at the top left of the screen. Of course if the target is not on the same map, nothing will happen.


This idea was taken from ragnarok online but I guess there are other MMO's that use this system. In my opinion this is much needed in this game.

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hmm...... I've never done wars on support classes, and I don't think devs gonna add it.


That's not for wars only. Ex, Sandro; it's hard to heal your party member when 7-10 ppl stay in the same place and you have to scroll down to heal target. It makes u much slower.

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to make it even  better(i  think) devs can make it so that they double press on the players party name instead of one click.


so that when your in various dungeons/pve/arena maps, you can cross without clicking to heal someone. 


would also help to prevent switching on and off the option i guess....


just an idea.

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