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Remove Inspect Function


Remove or don't remove the "inspection" function?  

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  1. 1. "Remove", "Don't remove" or "I don't know"

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As we all know, the game gained an "inspection" feature. My opinion about it is the following: basically, if you want to do for example berengar's tower on heroic level, or the Ruberius Dungeon in the Snow Boundaries and you are not +6 or higher, you won't be invited, because players can now see other player's equipment and decide wether they let the "pro" +10 in, or the "omg ur so nub i put u on ignore" player. Free players have no chance to complete their dungeon quests on this way, since they can't amp higher than +3 if they don't play and farm (if they get lucky to get a party) to get money. Today I got even kicked out of my own party because: "amp ur wps frst".....

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Yeah, it's not going away.


They will not create a feature, then remove it, especially when this is a normal mmo function, any good developed game has.


People would ask to link weapons before, or see it is not glowing anyway, nothings changed, people knew who were +10 then and now.

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Nah.. The inspect function is good ,but maybe devs must add option if other player able to see our equipment or not.. Thats my suggestion

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