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Boss raids - amount of drop suggestion


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As i understand when you do boss raids, party that does most dmg get the drop right?


So i was thinking maybe that party gets the kill and drop, and another randomly chosed party( or player if not in party) what participated on raid can get drop too.


This way it will be more mid/late-mid game friendly. And will actually have some point for weaker guilds to take part in this content. 

I dont know maybe its just an idea out of my head but at least think about it for a bit.


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I do think that every one in the area [minimum level varies depending on bosses level] gets a drop. Would be nice if we all could get some level of reward for fighting for said boss

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Would be good yeah but this was already discussed and as far as I know we only got the knowledge and mermen repu in area

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to be honest i think if warspear just adds raid party like many other mmo rpgs it would fix the problem , like limit party to 10 or 20 ppl (raid party cant enter dungeon) 
this would stop a group of 5 friends full dps to get boss drops 90% of times , would improve gvg battles.

my other suggestion is that they add contribution point , for example if you deal dmg to the boss or heal tank you will get contribution point , and if you have over certain amount , you will have a chance to get drop from boss , this will stop ppl to abuse low lvls and will also stop ppl to abuse 5 dps party.

in the end there are many ways to fix this problem which i dont think we get anytime soon, since they are busy with new map

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