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I have seen some nice suggestions. I thought they were, nice, or not, or the topic creator was a simple retard.

I wanted to share my ideas too.


But then- The Topic has been locked.


M8s, Suggestions are made by the Community, The Community has also the right to discuss to their own ideas! Locking is OK, IF HOWEVER THE TOPIC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAIN THEME! It isn't good to lock threads simply because they are not good.


It's the same as someone would get their mouth taped, allthough they have something important to say.


I hope the admins, and mods are reading this, but not lokcing it. It would NOT be hilarious. :D


For Example:



Dude, Nerf or Buffing Posts may go everyone else on their nerves, but closing it is a bit to harsh.



M8. This is a very good, or at least discussable suggestion.





Im will further extend this list from time to time

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There will be no "NERF THIS CLASS CAUSE I CANT WIN" topics, they have the similiar nature and in 99% no sense at all. But there's 1% with real mistakes and overpower reports, that's what we need.


Second thread has an answer:

Unbinding is a feature for equipment - armor and weapons, so outfit is not the subject for unbinding.


That's our system and our rules.

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How about synchronizing guild tournaments to guild point resets... that was supported by the leaders of the Top 3 guilds on US sapphire but no reply...

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