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Placement errors/bugs explained


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reposted cus it was removed before due to server roll back to 7th november....

ever played warspear with two devices? both you see a character standing on one place on one of your devices yet they are standing at a completely different spot on another device? for a while now people have been complaining about some of warspear's 'lag' problems and positioning problems. after gathering some information, i have created a short video showing reasons as to why this happens. people tend to say that it is your connection, and not bother to factor in the game's mechanics


these are just a few  of the reasons as to why these problems occur. watch the video first before reading the whole post...


too lazy right now to write a full explanation(AGAIN) so watch the video and wait for me to get off my lazy ass :P





would be really good if these problems can be fixed as soon as possible, theyve been around for too long and really cause problems for major aspects of the game......

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