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[2014.12.20] Warspear Online 4.6: The Triumph of Evil Sandro. Preview


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How are you doing, people of Arinar? Having sorted out your prizes from Median Night Holiday and thinking of having some rest? No way! Next week we are starting the holiday of World Creation during which you can get so much fun that you will remember it for the whole year or more! Let’s take a short trip to the Snow Boundaries and take a look on the most interesting things that will happen during this holiday which will last till the end of January!
elves_town_3.jpg  elves_town_1.jpg  location_4.jpg  location_5.jpg

Arinar is impatient for the World Creation holiday to begin, but as it seems all preparations were useless. There is horrible news coming from the Snow Boundaries - the elves' town was destroyed and White Elder got lost.

It is the work of Evil Sandro, greedy and insedious giant, who decided to take the White Elder’s place. While sitting on a throne in his ice chambers Sandro is reveling in power - almost the whole Snow Boundary has resigned to him! And he is just one step left to take control over the future of Arinar! However, he still needs the Forge of the Gods, in which, according to the legend, the War Spear is going to be forged again. This forge is the last bound! Who will stand on Sandro's way and bring hope back to Arinar?

Holiday Dungeons

Snow Boundaries are full of treasures, dangers and exciting adventures. Let’s start from the main ones - Holiday Dungeons! There are seven of them for each alliance, and players of different levels can get valuable prizes after defeating dangerous bosses that keep them. Each player can get:

  • attack and defence spheres;
  • catalysts and essenses;
  • holiday potions;
  • unique belts of the 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 and 22nd levels with new bonuses!
  • rare rings and amulets that increase physical and magical damage by a certain percent*
  • new unique weapons of the 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 and 22nd levels (!!!) with excellent bonus Rage!**

boss_1.jpg  boss_2.jpg  boss_3.jpg  boss_4.jpgboss_5.jpg  boss_6.jpg  boss_7.jpg

Note that the behavior of monsters in the dungeons has changed: some of them are characterized with particular behavior pattens now. Look for the most wimpy of them, use your strengths against their weaknesses and victory will be yours!

*Many players are already familiar with these precious rings and amulets of the Ice Queen and Aquilon. But this time we added items of the 20th level and an additional bonus to them (even to those accessories which players already have)!

**Rage is a new bonus for weapons that gives a chance to increase physical/magical power by 10% within every attack.

Worldcreation Cache

Worldcreation Cache - is the major intrigue of the holiday and one of the main sources of exclusive gifts. Even Harad himself doesn’t know what you will get when you open it, but we can tell for sure what you can expect!

17 amazing costumes!

The marvelous and the new:

  • Horrible Jack
  • Teddy Bear
  • Cookie
  • Penguin
  • Snow Maiden
  • Nutcracker

Already known, loved by all and desireable:

  • Ice Warrior's Armor
  • Snow Yeti
  • Ice Yeti
  • Black Yeti
  • Snow Queen
  • Grinch
  • Snowman
  • Reindeer Rudolf
  • Snow Elf
  • Holiday Boy Herald
  • Holiday Girl Herald

16 unique decorative skins!

Ice cold skins:

  • [ice Dagger
  • Ice Axe
  • Ice Mace
  • Ice Sword
  • Ice Chopper
  • Ice Staff
  • Ice Bow
  • Ice Crossbow
  • Ice Shield

Heart-warming skins:

  • Jollier's Bell
  • Young Fir-tree
  • Caramel Club
  • Caramel Staff
  • Softwood Bow
  • Firecracker
  • Astromancer's Shield

And also!


  • Summon Grinch
  • Summon Snowman
  • Summon Ice Queen

Great potions:

  • Gladiator's Great Elixir
  • Great Elixir of Unity
  • Great Elixir of Knowledge

...and lots of other useful presents!

Don’t miss your chance to spend Crimson Corundums!

What can make happy those who have Crimson Corunduns? During the celebration costume vendors will rush to put their best products on the shelves. You will be definitely not disappointed by the offer and everyone will find what they like!

And what about those who do not have enough Crimson Corunduns to buy the desired costume? Don't give up - during the celebration there will be many opportunities to gain them by performing holiday quests!

Holiday quests

All guests of the holiday will find dozens of fun quests during it!

location_1.jpg  location_2.jpg  location_3.jpg

There is no party without gathering holiday items in Arinar! While traveling across the Snow Boundaries never forget to pick up bird food, snowman heads, moss and holiday decorations in order to exchange them for a fair reward!

snowman_1.jpg  snowman_2.jpg  snowman_3.jpg

Traditionally, players can get a proper fight in the Happy snowman tavern. And players of the higher levels can have some truly serious business, hunting certain classes of the enemy alliance for Crimson Corundums!

Completing Rune Protection you will have to collect North Runes from the boxes. Gain them while fighting Snow Boundaries monsters, collect 40 runes and exchange them for great bounty! Another item you can find there is Krakatuk nucleus, which you will need for Enchanted elves quest.

A player of each class and level can get the Behind the Crystal quest. You are going to need a lot of patience and luck to gather all the required items and to get a great reward for your efforts!

factory_1.jpg  factory_2.jpg

Holiday gifts — is a daily task, for which players will have to make presents in the Toy Factory! Don’t be lazy, this holiday requires lots of toys, but remember to beware of Kobolds!
lab_1.jpg  lab_boss_1.jpg  lab_boss_2.jpg

Sandro’s Palace. Gigantic Ice Palace is located deep under the Snow Boundaries. Those who dare to enter it must be extremely careful, cause they can meet dangerous monsters and new bosses! Fight them and get Crimson Corundums, unique costumes of Horned Yeti, Ice Golem, North Cyclop, rare weapons of the 22nd level and other prizes! In this location you can also stumble upon players from the opposite alliance and meet the main boss of this event - Evil Sandro!

sandro_1.jpg  sandro_2.jpg

Evil Sandro is extremely dangerous and you have to prepare for the worst but if you win, you can get a unique Evil Sandro's costume and his treasury containing unique weapons of the 22nd level, Favoniy, Wulturn, Auster, Aquilon and Snow Queen's costumes, Crimson Corundums and other prizes!

ghosts.jpg  forge.jpg

Forge of the Gods. Those players who will reach the center of the Snow Boundaries will get a chance to enter the legendary Forge of the Gods. The main goal there is getting to the anvil, but it is not easy, because you have to catch ghosts for it! If you get there, you will meet Orin himself and get Crimson Corundums! This quest is available even for the players of low levels, so it’s a unique opportunity to gain them!

By the way, fun is not just waiting for you on the Snow Boundaries! Each town of Arinar stores piles of fireworks for everyone, so feel free to launch as many as you want!

raid.jpg  raid_2.jpg

And don't forget to take a trip to Irselnort. There you can find our classic raid quest for burning holiday trees in the rivals' camps and have a long run across the island. Those who have been playing our game long enough remember what a great fun it is!

Holiday skills and other surprises

Every players who installs the update 4.6 will meet new icon and new background in the game menu. Let them help you get ready for the festive mood!

The good tradition of distributing special skills will not be broken this time as well. The skills Throw snowball and Spirit of World Creation, which helps to quickly restore power, will be available to you during the whole celebration.

The characters armed with staves are the luckiest on holidays because each time they receive a special attack animation. We are not going to reveal all the surprises now, so you will see yourself what exactly is waiting for you this time!

New item in the Miracle Shop!

Snow Groomer Kit

haircut_1.png  haircut_2.png

Meeting World Creation with a new haircut is a great idea. Especially when Miracle Shop got a new Snow Groomer Kit where you can find 5 new haircuts for male and female characters. Don’t miss your chance to get then, because they will be only available in the Holiday period!

At this point our little tour is over! More information about the celebration and additional changes will be available next week on the day of the release upgrade. Follow our news and get ready for the celebration!


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there is yet again new weapons with 1 level higher than previous event but no new armor? only belts?

not what i was hoping for but i guess i should expect this...

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Its great! Can't wait for it! But I've got a question. Costium vendors will sell the same costiums as a year ago?


Well, there totally will be all the favorite ones. You can check yourself soon :)

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Please remove the daily quest XP reward for the low levels, because we don't want to level up accidentally.

please don't. players want to level up faster in this update. I wish there is an option to disable it tho
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Holiday Dungeons

  • new unique weapons of the 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 and 22nd levels (!!!) with excellent bonus Rage!*

Again new weapons, when there is no eq.  :shok:

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Holiday Dungeons

  • new unique weapons of the 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 and 22nd levels (!!!) with excellent bonus Rage!*

Again new weapons, when there is no eq.  :shok:


There are new belts

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Well, I was thinking about head, body, hand and leg pieces with set bonuses for 22th lvl. (Similar to last xmas 19lvl items)

yes, belt is nice but i was hoping for this as well.

some good armor set, 4 enchants + bonuses.


can't it happen?

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No, of course we won't :)

So this only means our arena characters can't do the daily quests, and again just to sit at tavern. *sigh*

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Congratulations... Great Works  :wub:

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So this only means our arena characters can't do the daily quests, and again just to sit at tavern. *sigh*

Arena characters.. no comment just read wht u wrote o.O

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