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Balance Paladin Purifying skill damage


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Paladin purifying skill is a lot stronger than DK thorn of death, BD flash strike, Barbarian Strong blow.


These are all tanks first basic damage skill.


But while DK, BD and Barbarian skill add around 170 damage when you have a 500 normal damage, paladin skill adds 270.


And the difference only grows higher as the normal damage increase.


So i suggest the damage of Paladin Purifying skill to be balanced with a formula similar to DK, BD and Barbarian.

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Here we start a new topic of nerfing a paladin skill  :)

is not nerfing, is balacing the skill.

it was made more powerfull than others when paladin had as main weapon the 1 hand mace, so with the 1 hand weapon damage they could have the same damage increase as a 2 hand weapon dk and barb and bd with their 2 swords.

now that paladins go with spears... well, it just surpass other tanks first damage skill by 100+ taking in consideration they have the same physical damage.


there is no need for purifying skill to be this strong anymore.

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