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warspear online-my first MMORPG


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i remember the time i read about warspear online review on one of magazine that published on my country. that time i deeply, truly, really interested with the game.


after some time trying to download, and a lot of time failed due my crappy connection (tee hee  ;D ) i finally succeeded installing the game on june 2011. when i play for the first time, and got one red stripes (that makes me feel like a real soldier  ;D ) i kinda scared and confused because i never play an online mmorpg before, even in my computer. i dont know what to do and i dont know how to play. i dont even know how to use my character skill.  :blush: that is why i died several of time against the rat, lol  :lol:  and then i falling in love with this game  ;D






on first island.....






my first char not my Blade Dancer, but a rouge. that time, i decided to change character because i dont know that using blade in my left hand makes me cannot use any special skill at all, and that makes me think that using rouge was too much torturing for finishing my quest, tee hee ;D


and so, i change into Blade Dancer.

that time, i spending a lot of time hunting mobs that only give 1 gold worth drop just to buy another sword. its hard, and really difficult because i still died several time because those mobs gang up on me.  :cray:

playing alone in the unfamiliar game system and unfamiliar language that cant be found in dictionary (noob? what is that? ;D ) was really challenging.


then, i got my first and the other boss quest that makes me wanna cry.  no two red stripes or three red stripes willing to help me to finished it, even when i ask with the most polite word i know. i remember that time, those player only want to help other that came from the same country and ignore the other.  :cray: :cray: :cray:


which is why i leave all boss quest behind and help the other player who needed it. then finally, after waiting for such a painful and a really long time, when i got three red stripes and with the help from my dearest friend Nao, i finally finish all the boss in first island and move to second island. (yay!! :yahoo: :yahoo: )





on second island................





when i sail into second island, i saw a lot of player had white stripes on their name. after asking here and there (and got ignored a lot of time, same case like the first island, tee hee ;D ) i found out that i will got those stripes after i leveled up. i made a lot of friend here, a really kind person who is willing to answer my question and helping me, even if im not the same country like them.


i was grateful to all my dearest friend Nao, Siiarien, Shyleen, Kervince, Ashurain, Tayuya, Sonder, Suyu, Aethena, Deeaann, Ayanii, Almaii, and the other  and my dearest friend from Mountain Clan faction with my shaman character, like Warbeastt, Fantazzz, and Sakray. (sorry, if i misspell ur name buddie ;D )


without their help, i wont be able to reach my level now.  too bad a lot of them was not online anymore when i play (miss u all buddie  :cray: :cray: :cray: )


i play only for fun, nothing more (especially now, with my super rare chance to play :cray: ) and now


perhaps all my friend forget about me because i cannot play too often like before, but i wont forget them.



here, in second island, with my Blade Dancer character, i experienced a lot of thing that i havent found in first island.


first time being kicked from party without knowing the reason... (weird  ;D )


first time killing red names player because i thought that player was NPC and not another player (sorry for who ever u are  :give_rose: )


first time being killed by red name player while im facing the mobs  :lol:


first time being killed by red name player whom her elf character was my friend ( but i cant blame her, because my company attacked her group first, even if i dont attack her ;D )


first time someone try to scammed me (luckily im not fell into their trap :P)



the update coming, and the rank system change into the level system.



that makes me feel kinda sad (level was less cooler than rank, right?  ;D ) but i also feel happy because after the level system, mobs was easier to handle than the rank system.


too bad that after the ranks system, scammer, insulter, kiddie who doesnt want to listen command when facing the boss, unstoppable coming into the game and ruin the fun on this game.  :sorry: :sorry: :sorry:



after i experienced a lot of thing in second island, and a bitter experience with red and white name player, i realize that war between faction was pointless. no drop, no exp, nothing!


then i asking my self, why should i do such a pointless thing like that? i dont even know them, so why should i attack someone who choose the different faction? what did they do to me? then i decided, not to involved between war between faction anymore. last but not least, i rather choose having a lot of friend than having a lot of enemies and i decided that from now and until the end, i will stay neutral  :give_rose:




well, that is my story. sorry for my bad english :)



cheers :give_rose:

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Good story :good:





tee hee, thank u buddie :give_rose:






:pleasantry:  Btw, whats up with the shyleen stories lol.




which one?  ;D

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the ones about someone loves her and she blackmails lol




sorry, i don't know about that.  :)


you should ask directly to her about it.  ;D



cheers  :give_rose:

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sorry, i don't know about that.  :)


you should ask directly to her about it.  ;D



cheers  :give_rose:


I dont know her

Tee he :lol:

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i cant forget that words " tee he"  ;D hehe.. hi bud's how r u anyway?





hiii buddieee!!!  :yahoo: :yahoo:



im fine, and im still busy to write and re-write my papers because i make a mistake. sob.. sob..  :cray:



there still loads piles of book that i have to read for finish those, so i think i wont be online again for a while. for now this warrior need to face the reality and study harder. tee hee  ;D



how are you anyway kervince my buddie??  :friends:


i hope u fine and doing great in game and in your real life  :)



cheers buddie  :give_rose: :give_rose:

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nice story  :good:  hope to see u in game again more often ;D



woops, sorry, i just realize that i forgot to say this on my previous post, tee hee  ;D :


thank u buddie  :give_rose:


i hope the same too  :friends:



cheers  :drinks:



p.s. :


that is not beer, just a milk shake. tee hee ;D

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