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I'm leaving this game


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I had a good time on this game.

From goldorath, to irselnort ; questing, with my barbarian brother

Doing sanctuaires of constellation

Farming AA, berengard gards, demonologist

Running throught lab right to oko shar.

I remember the joy I had, droping divine defense vestment, and offering it to a friend

When I bought my nurse suit for 100k


Those are memories of this game that I won't forger.


But this game is done for... I tried to get the same feelings I first had by making new characters... it didn't worked


This game... every updates stinks developers laziness and greediness.


Here are the things that killed this game for me :

The dongeon. It could have been a great idea. But it's : Timed

Limited to one party

Limited to 5 stamina

Peoples are looking only for high damages, and the new "inspect" function is a way to rejete the bad player, who didn't buy MCs for AMP.


The luck system. What the duck is this game where you're not awarded decently ? Why do we keep receiving junk ? Those dongeon are really annoying to do 10/15 times.

Remember sam hain ? On mc side, it tooks me 2 hours killing snorlar, running in this "lab" and defeating sam hain. On high amped party.

All this work for 2 coppers bars...

I used to make more gold by farming the wooden cups 15 minutes, and sell them.


You sparkle a great treasure, but it's a binary system. You get something ; you did not.


I can also talk about your scam chest.


I'm bored to play the "evil shaman" while elves are reking us.

I'm sick of your random way to distribute random power skills to random class. Some class are totally fed, and you're acting with small nerf, to hide how ugly the expert skills are.


They're no big skills or fun in playing this game. It's just about your class, your amp (and your expert skills, but it's depending of your class, and if you're rich enought to afford +9 weapons, paying 160k isn't a big deal)


And the last point is how developers are hide. They probably dont play their game, either they would notice some problems by themselves. I bet they just test their skills animation, and put random numbers, without thinking about the consequences.


Just like they never post in this forum (unless for new and annoncement)


This topic is going too long, so, I'll just say goodbye.

I don't know if this topic will be deleted... Maybe he don't respect the game ; but that's the way I feel about it.


Vicky, starlong you've been with me so long on this game, I'll miss you




Winter is coming, don't forger to enjoy snow boundaries !

Happy christmas !

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Farewell, my brother, may u come back some time...

and let the 3 Gods of Arinar be with you.

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I am leaving this playing too,

At Median night I got  NOTHING  from the dungeons. Whole month doing this everyday!

No point to do dungeons, random system of this mobile game is a blame to me.

Tired to receive cocktail and apple pie as reward. Stopped buying miracles, stopped playing this.

When will be updates here, I gonna be logged in for a few minutes, no more time its worth.

"Random amplification" and "Random reward from dungeons" I sick of it, enough.

Else one reason is nothing to do. Sometimes standing a hours in towns. Stuck at top level,

twenty fourth is a top now, tired to wait for available upgrade.

Sad sad topic. Bye, haters ;) see you in the hell.

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I have to say i got a cloak(main) and a lvl 4 sword(for my arena6 char), therefore i was happy with it. Its really about luck- i didnt bought stam there


But the new christmas dungeons suck.

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it is killing the community right?


Amp system is a nice IDEA but not so nice when applied (like communism xD)

should only goto 5+ or remove signs


Everyone loses their minds when someone amps to 8+ or 9+ or even 10+



PRO :*

THose Comments are the worst.


They MIGHT be pro, but they are definetly rich.



But expert skills are ok, they are nice actually.


I wont lose my mind when a rogue kills me with elusive jump and poison. I lose it when one hit is above 600(no crit)

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