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Market for all. ^^ suggestion.


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:blush: ;D Not just me, but I think all ''mc'' are tired of always drop items that are of no use ''mc''

for example: bow . Since we cannot sell .

no mc uses bow.


My suggestion is, ''puts the market for all '' mc and elfs same market '

Or remove these items from the MC side.


Ex: The new tower Halloween event what more if fall are '' bow ''.


The '' median night stash '' What more fall are 'skins' decorative '' for elves.


with the market for '' Mc '' & Elves, We Could we Mcs Sell these items, which for us has no value. More to the Elves are extremely valuable.

All parties would be happy.

and '' mc '' There would lose, time and stamina for nothing.

[/size]The '' mcs '' They ask gm bailout. We are at a disadvantage .. :pleasantry: [/size] Thanks !  :blush:



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I agree with books. There should be an option to trade books for their counterparts (for example, third Paladin book could be traded or third DK book).

As for bows/crossbows, I think Aigrind will let some classes use them in the future.

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Yea, it has been suggested before. And everytime R0land asnwers saying that he doesn't understand the problem and that you cn sell the crap in market. Like if market gives you 500k for it...  :facepalm:





Everyone thinks it sucks ass, but still the devs don't seem to care about it...






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