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Where to get Tempered Heaume and Tempered Vambraces?



Hello, I would like to know where I can get or buy Tempered Heaume and Tempered Vambraces for my Barbarian level 10... I saw those items in http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=100496.0#top... If you know better items for helmet and gloves for arena, please tell me, and how to get them.



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You can buy them from "Second Hand Dealer(s)" and there're some arena items for levels from 4-11 in T1 shop.

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As far as I've experienced farming, I got a drop of every  heavy  equips except gloves from lvl9 and 10 bosses at map1 firstborn.




The gloves are quite rare and hard to farm, I guess, because my other lvl10 BD friends don't have it yet. I've got this before when it's sold from NPC



This can be dropped by lvl10 boss.


Hmmm my suggestion is: You could have this helm but lacks critical. If you like critical you can use leather helm or craft lvl10 helm with parry, crit, HP, but lacks accuracy.


But I prefer this: I got from lvl10 dungeon.



Good luck !

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