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Increase healers def


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WE all know the multi wep update "rouge got axes " which i like to call ' screwwww healers update :wacko: ' all classes got ability to get better wep all classes expect healers and rangers  and most healers has like 30% def  and now bd and rouge has axes ;) and axes has 4 pen "lvl 17  ; lvl 19 has 4.4 )  that if there is other pen bound that mean like (15% of ur def is gone " bye bye guild hard work :cray: " and dont for get that axe has 10% extra dmg from sword so its good bye for 15 % hp for sure so how can healers fight back and now bd has 3 dmg skill 2 stun skill and a shield and rouge has 4 good dmg skill and one of them hit u when he in stealth mode

:bomb:  so here is my suggetion


Increase def point for coth armor  " my fav "


Add super def bound to heroic sets "i think rich ppl will enjoy it more "


Icrease healers heal  ,  and mage and warlock dmg  " wont work unless heal go faster in druid and shaman , priest and necro need stronger shield " lock and mage need rich ppl or pro ppl to use it "rich better "


Dont tell me axe has 2.2 attack speed :bad:  screw that :bomb:


Vote for me worst shaman in pvp cave :D nice joke :diablo:

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Well, a healer can have as much HP as a tank melee + you can kite easily. You don't need more armor, that's for sure

4k hp  no way and healer loses alot of his hp in the begining of the fight he will be lucky if he restore it fast  and still dont know what is kite :!
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And that's why I voted on you as the worst shaman on that topic.


and what connect me being a pain and be the worst shaman in pvp cave 

Xjadro is pain and still one of the best shaman i ever knew

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Casters are already good in game, I don't think they need any more power, right? ;)

my suggetion isnt add to casters 500 def point on each pc i say y not make + 5  has same point like +6    like what dev did on staffs 

Take it to the next lvl ;)


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