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Cybernem lvl 24 rogue violating rules of conduct


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I don´t know if this is the right place to do it, otherway tell me where to do it, so i report it.



This player that "claims" to be the best rogue in game ( :fool: ) got really mad on me because I´m not active and i don´t use real money but I am one of the best players on my level.



We had a conversation and he just said nonsenses and used a rude and foul-mouthed vocabulary. With this behavior he just showed that he comes from a deprived background, and we are old enough to know that you are not right however much you insult or shout. This is a game, so this is something to get fun, not to get angry and start insulting other players in such a way.



In addition, all players should know about the rules of conduct of these kind of games, and I can see that this "player", if we can call him that, cares so few about it.



Well, rules of conduct in Warspear are written for a reason, and i would like to report this player for violating the 1st rule of conduct. If this is not the right place, tell me where to do it.



Now i show the pictures I got:





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Cybernem, If you read this post, I hope you learn that:



- This is a game. Don´t get mad for a game.

- You are not right however much you insult.

- There are rules of conduct that you must follow when communicating other people in game or in life. If you don´t follow them, you just prove you have a deprived education.



I will show you the rule of conduct you violated according to the game:





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LOL what do you think I was serious? I was just bullying you so you'd leave me the duck alone . You'd pm me everyday and talk shit xD But I have tried my best so you'd leave me alone but it didn't work you didn't stop pming me after all this xD I put you on ignore list and you followed me everywhere on map like a stalker o.O tf is wrong with you. I know you will reply to this post so my last post. Grow the duck up and leave me the duck alone , I'm tired of your bs lol

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