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wtf is silent mode

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I makibg this post on general so ppl can see what kind of fcking sh*ts happening here, I will post it in questions also, so noobs don't tell me that I am in wrong section, share your mind, but f*ck off with sh*ts that I already know...tnx


I can't chat, I can't inv ppls in pt, I can't do exchanges so dafuq is this...

:snorlax: what a duck*ng sh*t is this u retards...at least tell me why dafuq I did to get thia sh*t what ever it is u morons

Ban my duck*ng acc on forum for 20 days cos of swearing, but tell me why I got this?

Make some duck*ng post on game or redirection to forum for reason why ppl get ban or fcking sh*t like this...before u ban my forum acc for couple of days anwser me roland or who dafuq is in charge O:-)




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I never said 1 bad thing about religions, nationalitys, so that ain't that...

I think I deserver anwser for 3 day ban from everything, this ain't only chat ban, I said, u can't chat, can't inv other ppls in pt, can't do exchange, its basically fcking nonsense

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