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New accessory - Wings

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Basically, wings would be an accessory with it's own equipment slot. It would give a movement speed boost (or not, not sure) which would be disabled in arena and dungeon runs. It could have particle effects, like falling snow, flaming, as well. In my opinion, some wings should be sold in Miracle Shop, some wings should be a random reward from chests and some should be dungeon-specific drops (would encourage players to gather for a dungeon run)


Any extra ideas or suggestions are welcome below

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Devs should add 1 extra slot to the equipments slots into which we can equip additional items with stats that will boost movement speed, increase max hp, boost dmg, boost accuracy, and some other stuffs...

Please use the search function.

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My Opinion to Wings:

 Alongside with Demonhorns, 8 more Ring slots, Sock slot and an underwear slot.


Those Particles. Make them to Helmet&Armor stuff. I'd like to see some epic twinkle twinkle with HE DD BG VS GT KW ( ::)  ) armor :D


And Azebus dye idea is also good

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