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Hi im back but...


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I was a new player playing in emerald with a rogue called Tormenium when the max lvl was increased to 22 which was a few months ago and i was part of ARINAR team

I played without mcoins because of economical problems but my leader gave me free 100k for being ranked 1 in our guild with 7k gp so i got the jump expert skill and also bought a 19 lvl h1 axe and amped to +6 with 1 sign set and became quite strong and had the fun of my life by killing players in irselnort but my i was very busy in my life so i decided to quit but also i traded my rogue to a priest to see how the gameplay is with a healer character incase i return to the game i may create a rogue again or a healer

So now not only im back but i got enough money to buy mcoins and get around 300400k gold by selling mcoin items if im lucky with my trading but im very confused as to what to make i see the lvl cap was increased again to 24 and new expert skills were added... AGAIN

So i got a few questions and i hope somebody gets enough free time to answer them :)


1. Which class is the most strongest vs both Players and Mobs atm?

2. Are there any 20-24 lvl 4 bonus weapons/armors/accessories? If yes what price

3. I see rogue got a poison skill with x7 dot damage... does 1 lvl skill got x7 dot or i need to lvl up the skill to 4/4 for x7 dot?

4. What is the best current pvp skill build for bd and rogue after the latest update

5. How many expert skills are out there and does android still have 9 hotkey slots? can i make a hotkey for every skill or theres not enough hotkey space left anymore

6. Is mage worth playing? i hear its the weakest class but in 3x3 my top priority is to kill them fast as they deal tons of damage to all opponents and they are my biggest fear lol i will get a very high amp staff and top magic gear but will it be worth it? low hp regen will be a pain in the ass when hunting mobs and bosses thats my biggest problem if i pick this class

7. Is druid very good atm? i hear it got tons of stuns and with high amp staff you can deal tons of damage while your opponent is stunned hehe not to mention the teleport arena maps where healers can solo kill an entire team if they run hit and heal fast. and i could help others/kill bosses solo/big mana regen and no need for hp regen since i can heal myself so this class is perfect for both pvp and pve

8. But... ranger and rogue are the fast killers which is what i love the most and speaking of ranger what does the new cage skill do exactly? getting it to 4/4 increases duration? what is the max duration? do i put the cage like trap and wait until the enemy gets caught? can a trapped enemy use his skills or attack me? this new skill makes me want to create a ranger since 500+ damage rangers can do tons of damage to any target without even using most other of their skills since a combo of blessing+normal hit+power shot+fire arrow with such damage can kill most low amp to medium amp players within 3 seconds lol and now i can put trap and cage and use scatter as defence to have a chance of doing more damage to something that can survive the first attack (hassn type players lol)

9. Paladin... i created a 14 lvl pala for testing purposes and used full 13 lvl equipment with +6 mace and shield, around 22% dodge, around 6% parry and around 8% block with 5 lvl chain stun and 5 lvl purification

In pvp and arena for my big surprise this build was crazy i was dodging half attacks with 1 of my 3 dodging abilities and i remember killing anything near my lvl in irselnort no matter what amp except a +9-10 shaman but again i was not +10 so i guess  could kill him too if i was +10

And i killed many 16-18 lvls including dks,rogues and warlocks this build is a pain in the ass for non healing chars

So i was wondering if the same build would be epic in a 24 lvl pala its very easy to get top gear since pala gear is cheap and i could amp to +7 for a start and 30% dodge 12% block and 8% parry combined with 400 damage good heal skill and big amount of hp seems nice but is it really worth making a pala?

10. Is elf or mc the best side atm? i see AoA is still taking all the awards from tournaments and a few elf guilds are at top 2nd and 3rd but i also care about the chat and elf side was always a funny place in world chat and there are always many items on the market to buy but mc got a few items and the chat is a bit boring

I would choose mcs just because they got the best guild lol

11. Does anybody have a +8 13 lvl bow/mace/shield/staff/spear/crossbow/dagger/sword/1h axe to sell? I will use all my mcoins to get a strong 14 lvl gear first then sell it when im 19-20 lvl so i need somebody to sell me a high amp weapon so i can use it to lvl up and go arena while i lvl up

12. Is VPN not allowed to use when doing free app mcoin offers i live in greece but i want to set my vpn to usa because there are not many offers for greece just 5-8 at best while usa got tons of them or i can freely use VPN? its the same as travelling to another country to do the offers of the country so i dont see how it could be illegal but some apps ban for vpn use

13. which is the best mcoin item to sell atm for gold? i always waited for greater life pots on discount since they can be sold for 3-4k and they cost 20 mcoin or something lol

14. I saw troll costumes being given as rewards in dungeons can they be sold or they are personal

15. Is crafting still useless or there are any unique gear to craft that is worth of getting max lvl on craft

16. I saw that the 20 lvl legendary heavy  set gives HP as the 1st bonus and if i remember right 1 of the 18 lvl legendary heavy sets gave HP as its first bonus too... can i get a 450 HP bonus if i mix those 18 and 20 lvl sets?

17. Is Irselnort still populated it is my favorite map i hope not everybody left for Ayvontil or whatever it is called

18. Will sms mcoins ever get +50% offer in the future atleast even once i was playing when the first sms offer happened but since then its only for paypal and google play...

19. Ok so im bewtween making: Ranger, Rogue, Bd, Mage, Druid, Barb (huge dmg dealer and hp after all the skill updates) and pala

Which should i make

I will make only 1 char since i like playing with 1 hero forever and mastering my skills instead of creating tons of chars... so the decision is important and atm i feel that making mage and ranger is the best choise... but that low hp and low hp regen again...

20. I installed the game on my linux mint 14 os just to check the marketplace since my phone was broken and should be repaired today or tommorow and i cant play atm but when i click on the warpsear icon in my desktop shortcut nothing happens... i downloaded the 4.3.0 deb file and installed it fine why the ♥♥♥♥ it doesnt run lol the pc is old but i think it can run this game

21. How much damage and how many enemies does 4/4 explosive trap hits


Thats it all lol im very confused on which class to make id love to make a rogue again but hate the need of a throwing knife in bag to use the 2 skills but love the class since i killed many low and high amp players with just a x6 axe and +3 dagger and the jump skill is just sexy lol

Then its rangers which i like too since they kill things fast too and got many trap skills

And finally druid can be a good killer with high amp staff and a good strategy and can lets you solo bosses which the fast killers cant without pots or extreme amp

Bd looks cool too with the hamstring+rush combo its high damage, hp and def stats and 4 damage skills (p blow, steel fury?/hamstring and counter attack)

Counterattack looks very cool since bd got high hp and def it could be very usefull

Mage is fun to play and a heavy damage dealer but the no stuns and low hp regen sucks...

Damn i need to stop typing

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Uhh maybe because it was months ago and i left the game then?

And im going to play with a new phone better phone this time and probably never quit until the game or world ends without trading char again and use this forum account just to ask those questions from a friends pc so idc for mentioning something bad i did months ago?

Heh "bad" i didnt scam the player who gave me his priest and he didnt scam me so i dont even see anything bad here

Oh wait i forgot there are rules... which seem to be broken by the likes of pvprange and hassn without getting a ban so again idc

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I'll answer to a few of the questions


2. Yes, accessories 50-150k & armors usually 20-80k, weapons 60-300k. (22-24 lvl items don't seem to have four bonuses)


3. It can be used multiple times on a target while the skill is active.


5. Four expert skills, nine slots. You can have a hotkey for every skill, but you won't have space for pots.


6. (Not an answer) and in dungeons you'll attract every monster's attraction and possibly die.


10. MCs forever :diablo: !

In elf side it's really easy to find helpers, do cl (except lake sometimes), buy everything. (Never compared chats.) But, well, mc has AoA. And mc is cooler.


Decide yourself.


15. Deep Lord's gears are always good + there'll possibly be new, higher level craft tasks in the future.


16. Why not?


17. It is.


18. I doubt.




Edit: Corrected some prices and thought again about poison

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Best pvp classes are: Shaman, Warlock, and rogue for running around

for elf its: Druid, ranger and bd has pretty nice expert skills like my bd has 4k hp and my shield can protect me for 1k dmg, bd can solo every boss up to and ncluding kratt, with minimum 2.5k def and 3.5k hp and 400dmg, most importantly having the shield skill, but ranger is best for questing and killing mobs because of the dps and the range, but bd is good 1v1 and running round like tank rogue

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hi there I guess u should play a char with high hp and cool skills so try BladeDancer it's best char for the moment in PvP just like +9 bd = +10 rogue

And Play any side mc or elf doesn't matter but don't join AoA players they will make u stronger mAybe u will be abnormal effect of being in unity of cowardic players( cause AoA all about hassn, hassn made AoA players and he destroy em, so u will be just for hassn)

For example there's a Guy Name Kalibwoy he's +10 full but weak like +7 char always gank others and disturb others and people hates him so do whatever u want but don't make others hate u or don't hurt them :)

If someone say that join mc cause hassn is there don't follow without being sure about em


I can't write all of my arguments so text on my char Justiice, Justiin, Justtin (elves)

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