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So recently I tried to buy a Wild Boy costume so I got a pm from some lvl 3 named Pagitalk saying he was selling it for 200k, I set 200k in he put the wild boy but canceled the exchange and asked for 210k, so I put 210k in and he put some drop that looks identical to wild boy called Mensos mask or something. I canceled the exchange because I've learned to carefully check everything I see in a trade. The moral is be aware of buying wild boy (and wild girl) because people may try to make u give a worthless drop.


PS if you ever see Pagitalk in US call him a shithead

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old scam

@Russell I still remember you scammed (now you stopped) from the character Cardystro. Could this be your comeback :X

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Same thing happened to me when same guy puted 40 pcs of Ethereal dust instead of Ethereal catalyst

I would have paid him 350k for that but as always i clicked on first box and got the trick.



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