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(To start, I have no idea if this topic is already post, but I came with it again)



Well, i think the title say almost everything.


Some players, I think a huge amount just like the PvE system (farm, quests, dungeons, etc...), and so, other players like PvP game stile, and PvE players and PvP players can life together, but the problem begin with those players who take PvP and elevated to the infinitive, and transform it into PK (for those who do not know the word, his meaning is Player Killer), so is just a person who just like kill people "because yes", and for all type of Pv players, it's so annoying.


So, my suggestion is to improve a PK skill or mode, or well start from creating dedicated PvE-PvP servers, that I think is more comfortable, but a skill who can be use for not to be kill when (Example) you are a level 13-14 druid and a rogue level 24 comes, kills you, and because he has a quest to kill lv14 or + players, he stay camping, until he kills you 20 times. If you this is not annoying... I think you should visit some kind of doctor...

In my case, I love PvE, but if someday a friend or similar tells me to do PvP versus him it's okey, I have no problem, the problem begins with PK lovers, and this game it is going on this way, and it should change it direction.



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