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The Best Arena Guide

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Hey guys, I'm doing an Arena guide as some people are quite noob in arena.



Tip 1: NEVER afk. People always hate this.

Tip 2: If it's 2x2 or 3x3 try to attack the same person, therefore it will be 2x1 or 3x2.

Tip 3: Attack Healer first. (Shaman, Druid etc.)

Tip 4: Attack Cloth armour, then Light armor, then Heavy armor.

Tip 5: If it's Bd vs Bd always Hamstring first

Tip 6: Let the weakest person die first.

Tip 7: Don't die!

Tip 8: If ur a Rogue, don't wait, attack straight away!

Tip 9: Dont go Naked into Arena.

Tip 10: Dont troll in Arena.



If you have any more tips, feel free to comment. XD

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This is the basic for arena.Good guide for newbie.

Btw your tips no.8 is not always right instead I analyze the situation like if there is paladin,hold your attack and watch out for the banner or if there is warlock on your team,let him circle first then strike.Well sometime I even gouge bd or pala before attack.So yeah rogue is actually a very strategically class unlike bd that rush and spam your skill.

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