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[2014.10.06] Meet the update Warspear Online 4.3!

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U removed the critic from rogue Elisive Jump :bad:


So I insist to remove all the critic hit from rest of expert skill :bomb:


if we are going there, there is a lot of skills that should have their critical removed.


a jump where the rogue suddenly appear on the back of the enemy having NO CHANCE of making a critical hit is complete non sense.

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I'm so glad they gave us more cc quest! :)

No more bored in game because now I keep killing mcs..


Anyway about the new skills, it suprised me, really nice ones!

I can't believe that barbarians has very good stunning skills xD I couldn't even move or use my spells anymore for a long time. Yeah they become op now.

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Hello Roland/Peter..

Pls Can you tell how the skill cooldown of shaman really works? Cos in my testings i noticed its not really working in relation to percentage. That is,


For instance :::: My shaman already have 5% cooldown on gears. I bought the 'Tribes Ritual skill'. And i made it lv4 which gives me 30% more cooldown for a period of time. Making my total cooldown 35% when active.


PROBLEM::: A skill with 15secs cooldown should become



=9.75secs (approximately 9.8secs)

Instead of that, the skill cooldown shows(11.1secs) when active. Why is it not giving the right cooldown? Could it be a bug?  Bcos i bought that skill hoping to get something significant. And im a kind of person who test whatever i acquire thoroughly before using.


NOTE:::: It happens to all other skills too during the period. And the misappropriation only occurs when the Skill is used (bcos the initial 5% i had on gear worked correctly). Despite that our expert skills does not benefit from it due to their long cooldown time.


Pls i'd be expecting response...

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guys. I think devs want to surprise us. They work at a new awsome halloween event




isn`t that r0land? Peter?




when hallowen update devs? :)

Oh... About the halloween..  :spiteful:



I hope we get cc costumes because I don't wanna miss them this time. :P


What Halloween event? Warspear has no Halloween event, idk what game you're playing.

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They will fix it as soon as possible. Try to read some forum topics before posting such things.



Ok, I'm a patient person, but the last update still for 17 days and this "thing" remains wrong... This "thing" that we talking about its a SKILL man, and for me, a skill is very important for a class, and consequently affect a lot players and the game in general. It is not cool to play with a class that has a virtually "useless" skill, do not you think? Please, I really hope this bug will be fixed ASAP.  :nea:

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