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[2014.10.06] Meet the update Warspear Online 4.3!

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oh imo its not the price. its the skill ,f&*k having two skill that almost exact. thats plain bs. i got both and they will become 80k  waste i dont even bar em waste of bar space. maybe when im lvl 60 and can skill point em enough they might be good ish!

dnt dream this game make lvl 60  :blush:
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Warriors of Arinar!


After starting game servers, Warspear Online 4.3 update will be available for downloading!* Just to remind you: there will be 20 new dungeons, a set of expert skills, new hairstyles and new item expanding guild's storage and lots of other changes! More information in our latest announcement.


And now for some additional changes!


Free Book of oblivion!


Each player who reached level 18 will get a free Book of oblivion for trying new expert skill.


New costumes


Chosen's White Suit

Chosen's Gold Suit

Chosen's Blue Suit

Snow Kitty

Emerald Kitty

Splendid Tuxedo


Other changes and bug fixes


Active time of Ranger's trap was extended, explosion radius on level 4 was increased.

“Steel hurricane” damage was increased

“Solar armor” resilience was increased

Barbarian's roar active time was extended

Passive skill “Shield” now works correctly

Trading chat was added to Tlasko

Best wishes!



*versions for different platforms may be released with delay

Please say HOW MANY MINUTES/HOURS/DAYS/MOUNTHS/YEARS/WORLDS we need to wait to done all the bugs???? Please say how many u think???
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