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Strong Blow and Exhalation of Darkness.

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1.Strong Blow : as the skills name says its "Strong Blow" so why its old animation couldnt stay?

2.Exhalation of Darkness : skills description says "bewitches heroes weapon" so couldnt it simply be made, so that weapon gets aura that glovs, and the rest of its animation where its hit on enemy could stay the same, but only remove that darkness head part?

I made this topic, not to criticize anyone.But only to say what i would like to see in those animations.Thanks for reading! 

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1. They already fixed it before(I don't mind of a fix).

2. it's like a poison, do you see the poison when someone puts it on a kind daggers/swords/axes/maces?(I don't mind of a fix.)


Good luck!

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