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New necro skill: "PANIC"


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well as said by Negativism- one of the pro necro player i met in WS.., Panic is click skill that make the enemy around necro to run like fear.. That is, u will not have to hit the respective target but, it will activate on touch and melee atacker like bd will flee frm u...

lvl 1 - 1yard effect

lvl 2,3,4 - 2yard effect.

Works like shaman "Blind"

well... Tbh it is cool skill...

But *z* HP that it consume... *z* i think devs want necro to die by using skills..

When healing u lose HP, when shielding u loose HP, and now another new skill also.. Its just unfair in comparision to the skills that Priest got...

Devs are elfminiac

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great skill for escaping danger. its short yep, but decent. casting cost is cheap, 10mp and without needing to target it can be fast. more likely to be used when necro is panicking rather than sending enemies off in a panic xD

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It's good, but it's just a weaker version of druid's forest song, less range, less duration, more cooldown but works on 100% of the time while druid works "only" 80-90% of the time at levels 3-4.

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Druid's forest song is better than this skill. Druids do get high success rate even if not lv4.

With higher range and duration. And druids use it more often than necro.  Panic is just another noob skill ( but intelligently masked) for necro users... Since they have been expecting good skill for a long time, they would accept panic, afterall its better than fateful connection in 1*1 fight....


Forest song holds enemies in place, which is preferable in most cases. While,

Panic might make the enemies run in the same direction u r running to, the fear gets off quickly and the enemy stuns you (does that make any difference from not using the panic at all?)


Panic needs lesser cooldown, more range, and more effect duration. If it wasn't OP for druids then it wont be a problem for necro either.

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"PANIC" skill is not bad like u all see.Its amazing why?cos he gives u few second to recharge other skills im dont telling its exta super hyper best its goood balanced skill its be aazing when radius was been rised.anyway on 4/4 i atacked panicked enemy and never disturbs the skill i testing this today but maybe before up this skill suck my lv is 22 now and i chose panic before inffection my choice my bad :) but dont compare skill until u check and remember not compare to other chars skills i know its hard i also love necro.When i use panic i feel like warlock its preety fun,fun is most imporant right?

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this skill is inferior to paladin fetter and druid forest songs. BUT its the best expert skill necro has at the moment.

any way its works on all bosses like nightmare its cant resisted :good:
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