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More and more imbalance in arenas

Victor Ortega Iribarren

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So bad are they that they do not even know how to match in the arenas, that they match you all the time against full pvp vs full pve, that it feels that every time they do not know how to adjust their game, that it feels to know that little by little nobody wants to play this game because they do not know how to listen to their players and finally that they feel that they are increasingly valued because they are not able to understand,  So much so that they only care about money. 

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Arena in this game doesn't make any sense, like, why do you need to buy a whole set of resiliency and ferocity equipment just to fight pvp? And why do these equipment cost arena points, wtf? How am I supposed to earn arena points if I don't have a pvp set and the other players that i fight already have? 

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