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favourate childhood cartoon char


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Uchiha itachi  8)

I like patrick star :bad: but not sponge bob


Childhood cartoon char guys...

If thats your favo cartoon char when u children, i wonder how old r u ? :tease:


For me HIMURA KENSHIN(SAMURAI X) irreplaceable.. :dirol:

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Tom and jerry , justice league, the mask, donald.

for now my favrit is a pg15 family guy :rofl: i find peter griffin much like drunk me :D

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clark kent....nobody knows what powers lies from a simple and weak guy 8) ..


and william wallace too..even he not a super hero, but the power of loving someone + anger and revenge can flat a super power army (off topic sorry).

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Voltron, ninja turtles, captain planet, the land before time ;D


sokk like land before tym too  ;D  lil foot sarah pitry hahha
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I liked  Squidward, Tom from tom & Jerry, Little foot, Everyone from bleach in the episodes around 1-20, Goku, Teen Gohan,, Vegeta, Dede from from dexters laboratory, Dory from finding nemo, and Naruto!!! How u like dem apples!?!? Oh wait!!!! Ed, Edd, Eddy!!!! Favorite show!!!!!!

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