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[2014.09.19] Troll costumes in dungeons and bonus for all payments!

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Hello there, warriors of Arinar!


Legendary troll costume is back (maybe this is the last time for it), but not it can be found in all dungeons we have, yes, it's time to gather

the best party ever to get this precious reward. Use your might, troll awaits!




Five colors of this costime are randomly available on heroic level of your favourite dungeons "Berengar Tower", "Rotten Garden" and "Termitary".


And don't miss a unique opportunity to get a huge amount of miracle coins this weekend, cause you can get:

1. 50% miracle coins more for all payments (except for SMS-service).

2. Double amount of free miracle coins for fulfilling Fyber, Trial Pay and Supersonic Ads tasks.




Offer starts: September 19th, 15:00 CET

Offer ends: September 22nd, 10:00 CET



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so lvl 21 can get from heroic bg ?




lvl24 can it troll costume from bg tower/ rotten garden/termitary ? or bg tower 0 drops?

and is % chance of getting it same on any kind of these dungeons or higher at termitary?


yeah, even 24th level can get this costume from Tower.


boss drop costume or chest ? :unknw:



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Always when I had no luck, I've got some pot, def, catalysts and other stuff.. but now nothing.. I'm really confused..  :search:

my party went 7 times BG heroic, all 0 no pots or anything. I hope its not bugged. Haven't seen any troll in trade chat or anything. Could anyone post if they got one?
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Higher levels then the boss itself don't get drops such as bg weapons from heroic dungeon, this doesn't count for the costume.

Additional info about bosses:


Bosses in Dungeon:

- Character of any level can get a Dungeon item

A little fix:

easy and normal - no drop for 22nd level.

hard and heroiс - drop for 22nd level.


That's a rule. And it's working fine.

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Dear Game Developers,


    I have tired bg heroic with my lvl 21 priests, bds and shamans but seriously speaking there wasn't any troll costume which dropped from heroic bg . I tired bg heroic tower like 25 times and i got only defs, belt lvl 18, and another belt lvl 18,... oh yeah also so many freaking potions and craft items as well.


  I hope you fix this problem and make our frustration a bit down as i am really annoyed.

Hope you look into this matter...

Yours sincerely,

Darked ...


And yeah I am Angry  -_- >:D

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who the ..... caress about cutoms this game became one of the worst from when u made necromancers this weak so the hell with this game and you game master and one advice just reduce the heal and shield of necros to the half cause they are super dopper strong with a heal in which barb can heal way more and ashield which is for some reason weaker than that of bd ................or u can just delete it for the sake of this game  8)

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