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Friends of Faith Family Book

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put these ppl into ur friend list and try to talk with them in game



rosepetal, holygreen, orangeheal, robotank, robolight, barge, juniorcel, advant, acexl, bladexl, vanhelzing, vanhelz, wishie, wisho

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hey guys im back will be in game this week and want to know if I can join the guild plz lol



Hi, dunno if we ever meet eachother xd, most of the old members has quitted or just putted the game to the side for some months. PM my chars and i will get u a spot in guild, Imswede, Marilion, i will tell u more whats going on inside guild :)

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I`m atm leader since 2-3 years back, but been a member long before that ;D  all old members have quitted and moved on exept for corey (Redkilla, holygreen) who have created his own guild. Guild itself isnt much active, it`s maybe 5-8 active ppl and rest log when they feel like it.


And Welcome to the history book Julie :clapping:  

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