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Guide Index (+ Write down the unlisted guides you need and you want)

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I'd like to see someone summarise the main storylines of all the first islands, irselnort, Swamps and ayvondil. If i had thaught of it earlier i would have, but I've filled up my 2 accs

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Fiuuh... Finally i could complete the guide index! (No modification, only adding the links of the guides to the guide index)


Please give me your opinions, guys!

# Should i add the guides from other sections too?

If yes, please link them to me :)

# Is there any error/mistake?

If yes, please tell me so that i can correct it/them.



Lady Livina :)



PS : Click this link for the shortcut First Post of the Topic You may give it a try ;)

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Craft exp needed for each level (up to level 13, this isn't updated anymore): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NduCazOjHGOLlXJFi_lmjczb0UnBwUk9EWAS8h0v8UQ/edit (This is in the first post as well, but I put it here in case you didn't bother opening the C spoiler.)


All craft items and what is required to craft them can be found on ws-db.ru/craft (some of these don't have their English names yet)

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