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[2014.09.12] Get 50% bonus to all payments and x2 free MC this weekend!


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Hello there, warriors of Arinar!


Don't miss a unique opportunity to get a huge amount of miracle coins this weekend, cause you can get:


1. 50% miracle coins more for all payments (except for SMS-service).

2. Double amount of free miracle coins for fulfilling Fyber, Trial Pay and Supersonic Ads tasks.


Offer starts: September 12th, 15:00 CET

Offer ends: September 15th, 10:00 CET



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:aggressive: Since amplification is THAT tough to me, i not ampy my gears by buying miracle coins but by farming and questing :cray: slowly&quietly.

But i still buying SMALL amount of coins, in russia its 100 rub 8)  and only for arena tickets :friends: .

No more 12000 coins or 8400, now only 380 O:-)  and 100  :crazy: . bYE byE ampy :yahoo:  you were so RANDOMLY to me :bad: no more wastings :yahoo:

And for the discount a great THANKS, Devs, you  :clapping: are awesome.

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