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Video how the game eats money


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after i used 60 signs to get from +6 to +7 (only fail) with system: every two days 10 signs...but always fail  :facepalm:

now i was collecting signs,all the signs i got for lab items/gold


now i tried in a row....


just watch and say this game is great  :wacko:



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uuuuh that sucks xD



is there certain amount needed to get to +7, ashu mentioned that to get to +7 was like 60 but i guess not. lol its random after you spend +40$ on signs :bad:


no certain amount,

i got 10 signs as a gift from a rich middle class who used to stalk myth,

my sword lvl6, then used the first sign  "+7", not joking, that's extremely random.

1 sign to 6-7, others failing like 30-50 times.


jayrox 60 fails? WTF

he loot hours for drops and for what??

this entire system sucks, to just throw away your hard earned money / drops for NOTHING, makes people want to quit..

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not only hours...days  :mega_shok:

but much better then buy that shit...cause 60 fails befor and then ...+ the fails on video....

so nearly 100 (!!!!!) signs + 100 dmg spheres + the gold to amplify!! (many forget the gold...but 100 tries means 7800 gold on this level)

sry,but in my country 10 signs means 4 € ... and 10 dmg spheres 1€ ... so when u want to have +7 swod without spending 50€ (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) u have to hunt in lab for weeks and dont take the drops for urself (i sold a kris of abyss and treads)....i think all ppl understand that this system sucks

and i am sure it is completely random,it doesnt matter how u use signs or whatever...cause i got my armour +7 with only 3 signs! but i think this "random" is crap...better make sure that ppl have success after a certain among of signs...then more ppl buy signs,so win win :pardon:


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I suggest amplify 3 times, day, afternoon, night,

if still not adding after 1 week sell them and continue your life with +6 weapons  ;D  atleast u rich gold man, throw gold to enemy  :lol:

OR MAYBE, Signs only work for people who buys them from mcoins  :shok:

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