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Gear Loadout's


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If you're a frequent PvP, PvE er, this is the suggestion for you!



when it comes to tryna farm lab, doing quests etc and you find an enemy player who is tryna kill you and your using your pve gear,  it could often take alot of time for you switch to pvp gear so that you can fight and not die.



this suggestion comes from alot of other games that ive played and have reckoned it would be a good addition to warspear.






a load out is basically a set of things that saved into your profile and can easily be called upon to easily switch from one thing to the other.



1.the player starts off by going into: menu>equipment and equipping some gears that they want to save.once they equip those gears. inside the equipment menu.



2. after the player has equiped gears, he then goes to menu(inside equipment),>(new button)save load out> the game then asks what you would like to call it(pick a name for those set of gears)



3. the game then adds it into the load out list where if you are trying to switch gears very fast all you do is go to: menu?equipment>menu>load outs> pick the ones you have saved.








"lallalalalala, just killin some boars in t4..... oh so peaceful ... lalallalalaallala....." SUDDENLY! you see heaps of elfs comming from up top!! DANANANANNADNDNANDNDNDANDNANAA.



"Oh no! Elfs", you then kill the last boar. quickly go into menu>equipment>menu>load outs>pvp> ATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKK!!!



victory !!!!!!!





thats it. hope ya liked guys :)







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Try to use search function in the future before creating the topic.


It was suggested before and it can't be impleneted in our game, technical reasons.

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