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[2014.09.04] Game servers stop #2

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Hi there, dear players,


we will have our servers stopped for the second time at 15:00 CET.

It's time to fix more important game moment, that can be checked below:

- PvP zones quantity on Ayvondil will be reduced (yes, they still will be, but much less)

- interactive objects for monster summoning on Ayvondil will be fixed

- English, Portuguese and Chinese localizations will be also fixed a bit

- connection issues and server stability were fixed for good!


Please, remain patient today, we will fix everything.

Servers will be unavailable for about 30 mins - 1 hour.


Take care and stay with us,




wow 1 hour again  :wacko: :sorry:

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Hi ronald I have one concern here, for lvl 21+ already you have removed dailies from irselnort town 1, 2 and 3. And today ayvondil tlalok town quest are limited to 5.

So you made lvl21+ lvl up more difficult. Second low level have more quest they make more gp soon good guilds will prefer low levels and kick them once they used them.


I know u can answer that still we have norlant and lab, but that is just way to spend on repairs :P .


Anyway off the topic

Please do something about priest elusive threat skill, it is only good for pvp and arena rest it is useless.

Instead make it ticking dmg+ mana steal

Even in pvp and arena this skill 3-4 second to take effect by that time ur stunned or killed so it is lol.


Best Regards...

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Quest list, thumb up.


Seems fixed.


One small thing, it's about this screen.




As you'd first gues everything seems normal but it's not.

I've collected this before the small maintain, not sure if it's anywhere near relevant to the issue before but yea, it's something that I've noticed.



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Hi Roland,

Please help with elusive threat skill. Please take my suggestion.

Make it ticking dmg 200 and steal mana only for steps taken by cursed mob/enemy/boss. But 100% effect or dodged like other skill but no resist as currently it is. Dmg and mana steal increases with skill progress. On boss u can still have resist but with some % chance of success.

You got to belive that many of us dont like pvp.

Request you to please consider this humble opinion.


Best Regards..

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