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It's time for MC/Forsaken to Unify again guys -- Enough of the BS.

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Whats up guys,


I've just been sitting back and observing the community for the past 5-6 days since I've been back, and I have never seen MC in this kind of shape before guys, just keeping it real, the #1 concern is how there are MANY people (High lvl's included) who still have not completed CL, a lot have not even killed Genie yet, and it's really no excuse for it guys, you can't use the excuse that the Elf/Chosen have to many people on that side, because if we trully work together we can get the quests knocked out with np at all, It's been done MANY MANY of times.  The selfishness needs to stop, if you have completed CL or any other quest for that matter help your fellow MC/Forsaken complete it to, YOU once needed help so return the favor.  Also you that are in the bigger/higher ranked guilds, you guys should really find time to assist the community, doesn't have to be everyday by any means, but find some time during the week to help out, I know you guys are busy, trust me I understand, but the community needs ya.  In sum, I mean no disrespect at all, I say all this in love, it just sad to see MC in the shape it's in, but I KNOW we can turn things around and unify like we were in the old days, if any of you need any extra help you can PM me and I will try my BEST to help you out, that's a promise. Love you all, lets get it MC/Forsaken :drinks: :give_rose:

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Never....because im terorist....i will let sentinel and legion to be our enemy.  :diablo: No sentinel and legion .... just us

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hello tibe o-o any ways tbh every one is selfish nowadays thats why i learned to do stuff on my own like kite or do cl by sneaking across mc/elf border or waiting till a event i did all cl from gs up with my brother vees on halloween mcs need to be more kind learn to cooperate thats why elves whoop our a** cuz mc lazy jesus christ.



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