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[2014.09.01] Guild tournament #34 results

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Hello there, warriors of Arinar!


It's time to announce guild tournament winners:



1. THEMERCS (348790 exp)

2. SiThLoRdS (242123 exp)

3. Shinigamis (191400 exp)


1. AoA (477329 exp)

2. perfectElf (325145 exp)

3. TheCore (235376 exp)



1. BloodNiki (212987 exp)

2. WoaiHM (147239 exp)

3. ZrongvietZ (97434 exp)



1. Tourmaline (240054 exp)

2. APOCALIPSE (191767 exp)

3. RIP (161285 exp)


1. DarkEmpire (656626 exp)

2. Storm (485286 exp)

3. AAAAAAAAAA (366013 exp)



1. Nuclear (625121 exp)

2. Mercenary (509261 exp)

3. BeZpReDeL (461156 exp)



1. Abstergo (336613 exp)

2. GodRavens (291891 exp)

3. Sky (275702 exp)


My eyes don't fail me, SiThLoRdS are on the second place, ooooh, that's really cool for THEMERCS, Shinigamis are third and that's also cool!

AoA from their side can't provide any surprises, they are always first, perfectElf are second, Emerald is really stable here, TheCore came third without much hardcore :)

BloodNiki once again won Pearl tournament, why not? WoaiHM guild is second without any competition from ZrongvietZ, who came third, great result!

Tourmaline won Tourmaline, that's what we call dedication, APOCALIPSE are calm and second, RIP are resting on their deserved third place.


Great tournament we had here, and don't stop fighting, guys!


Take care,


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i guess sith in this #34 tour only want to get closer to level 5, i heard they are very near for that.

Yes, they need 100k gp.

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Congratulations guys keep up the good work and beat all up.. Very well done for Themercs and AoA best guilds in my opinion. They do their work in a well mannered way..  :clapping: :give_rose: Feeling relaxed after AoA reached lvl 5  :give_rose: :blush:  And yes, sithlords never back themselves from elves. They always give a tough fight in gp, with xdeathx as their leader means "don't try to touch us we will burn you to the ground " :D

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well done to sith they only need 12 gold cups to reach level 5 while the other need 27 gold cups. i guess elixirph is more stronger than themercs

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