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Dark Circle

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Gm not support warlock again..

Every class has advantages and disvantages developers try improve and balance, last update they gave us "hex"  what mean we are a reapers can kill healers etcetc almost without problems they cant even touch us, who know if they nerf locks enjoy now.

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Wy you Guys complain about this skill its still op compared to other stuns  :facepalm:  aoe stun and still crying wtf 1v1 warlock beat almost any other class and in arena +3 skillis enough to kill anyone

they said they would increase active time but with the price of nerfing it giving it a limit to how many enemies would be caught by the skill.


they made the nerf happen but they didnt increase active time.


how is that for you?

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It was abvious. The story of dark circle is an endless thread of "fix".

Elves will never stop complaining about it.

you and your endless :cray:. i died from warlock today n he 's from AoA. devs did the balance just fine. its not everyday you can stun more than 5 ppl. be grateful you get 1  sec extra from devs. or you prefer to give that 1 extra second for BD?!!.
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(Well, 1 second more or less won't change a lot if the BD stun is for years) But it's out of the topic.

We lost the ability to stun ∞ players for un exchange less than 1 sec more. So yes, considering that warlock is supposed to be a cc, we have the right to complain a bit.

Please, stop crying for 1 more ridiculous second.

even without the increase of 1 sec there are so many cried about BDs stun and disable(especially tamoae). well thats the opposite weak, cuz try not to cry please.
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So ; for you it's normal that BD have the same stun power than lock ? /:

(Nevermind everything is ok on a BD, forget it)


But why the ♥♥♥♥ are you bringing BD on this topic, that talk about gm lie ?

u brought "elves" in the first place and BD is one of them or do u prefer i brought all of the classes?. i didnt say its normal u just bring that up, again. what i want to say was devs are good to bring this balance for upcoming points war and you mister cried alot when they increase it just 1 sec. you cant have stun forever n devs knows it.
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