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[2014.08.28] Meet update Warspear Online 4.2!

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Auto party and inviting party at arena disable

Its been to long we shout here, pls fix

or give free book of oblivion so we can dispatch that noob secret link skill,

Mc never got prob on lowering balance always sentinel side

we dont need it its useless.



theres nothing to talk about at 4.2 topic when we have 4.2.1

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Please help me get quests in Ayvondil... I have completed chainless league but arent getting any quests for tower. I am a lvl17 rogue named Roguue... please helpThank you
1. Complete Six Shadows

2. Complete a quest line in Norlant Swamps (Echo of Centuries, Vitold's Pain, Ravva's Power)

3. Complete Gatekeeper's Casket quest


Guide to swamp quests (quoting's a bit hard with mobile) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=87137.msg533866#msg533866

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