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[2014.08.28] Meet update Warspear Online 4.2!

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Warriors of Arinar!


As we promised, “Warspear Online” version 4.2 for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Symbian, Windows PC and Linux will be ready for downloading* after servers reload on our website: http://warspear-online.com/en/download/


In this update you have a new level cap, new dungeon, new raid boss, equipment, multiple changes of game mechanics and lots of other things! Full list of newest changes is in our latest announcement.


And other good news! Each player who has reached level 5 will get a pleasant gift – 3 Unity Potions and 3 Gladiator Elixirs!


After starting game servers you can start playing new version of Warspear Online! Players who finished all quests in Maliat will get an access to new tasks in the land of Tlaloks.


"I am Kuamok, High Priest of Tlasko, writing this in the hour of sorrow and despair, strewing ashes on my head – this is what our hopes has turned into. Why gods turned their backs on Tlaloks? Our tribe is scattered, our leader disappeared. Great Pyramids shaking, astrologists and priests loudly weep, watching the hordes of invaders. Our land belched them itself, and no one knows how to fight the invaders - a mysterious white-skinned tribe. It's sons are plentiful and seemed to be connected by a sole mind, thus we called them “termites”.


Was it long ago since our ancestors escaped the wrath of heaven and earth, fire and water rage and left the ancient Altelat? Few of us has got a relief: for each survived Tlalok we had hundreds of taken by Faceless to his realm. Here, in the forest land, our ancestors found new homes. Building houses and temples, they were eager to glorify and appease The Four to never know their anger again. Best tribal hunters were stalking bloodthirsty creatures inhabiting the Forest, defeating them every time. Artisans and herbalists, revived many of our forgotten skills and became equal to the masters of antiquity.


But our courage and wisdom were powerless against unknown danger. Meekly I was calling The Four, begging them to give us a sign! And before I lost my last hope I gained knowledge about a stranger, who will come here as a guest and bring us deliverance. I, Kuamok, High Priest of Tlasko, will wait for him.


Additional changes:


Now game clients for iOS and Android are packed with Chinese language as well! You are welcome, players from China :)


The number of PvP-zones on Ayvondil was increased. Now you can fight with opposite alliance players almost everywhere except for location with dungeon entrance and towns. Be glorious or be careful!


*versions for different platforms may delay


Good luck, everyone!


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shield which passive? guild passive ?

Barbs, DKs, and paladins have a passive skill that allows them to equip shields. In this update, equipping shields now automatically adds bonus defence to all types of attack. Giving shields some edge.


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So the 15% def increase will be like (e.g. you have 10% defence and with shield u get +15% what means = 25%) or like this (e.g. you have 1000 of any deffense thus 15% increase and you get +150 meaning a 1150 deffense at all)?#AIGRIND

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