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Since there's already a post (a bit useless) about the skill, I'll use it instead of creating a new one.

 I have a few questions:

1) What is the difference at the different levels?

2) What does the amount of the stolen HP depend on (Your HP/ the target's HP/ the damage you deal on them)?

3) How does the skill work in combination with lifesteal? Do they affect each other, and if yes, how?

4) Do you think it's worth buying/would you prefer it over the other expert skill.


This is all that I wanna know for now, but any info beyond that is gonna be appreciated. 

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lvl 1 = 4% life steal

lvl 2 = 7%  life steal

lvl 3 = 10%  life steal

lvl 4 = 14%  life steal


how long it stays active at each level? I don't know.


but seems that you still lose hp to cast this skill  :facepalm:


if you are supposed to lose hp to cast this, at least make it OP as hell.


i dont see classes with SUPER OP SKILLS lose HP to cast their SUPER OP skills.


no more patience for this one sided game  :wacko:

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So let me see if I got this right...this expert skill...

...steals targets life BUT takes/costs life to use it?


I don't see any math here, would be nice to see because the simple fact that you lose life to drain life is ideotic. Unless the amount you actually got us significant. Idk


the math you wanted.


level 1 - 4%  life steal active for ~13 seconds.

level 2 - 7%  life steal active for ~17 seconds.

level 3 - 10% life steal active for ~21 seconds.

level 4 - 14% life steal active for ~25 seconds.


always losing 3% of hp to cast the skill.


may work ok in PvE at level 4/4, but PvP ...  :bad:

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