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PVP ranking at website to enhance the battles!


What you people thinks about PVP score at warspear?  

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  1. 1. What you people thinks about PVP score at warspear?

    • Yes , it would be good.
    • No , its not cool.

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Hey there , i play as hellflame ( Ranger level 22 at tourmaline server ) , leader of Evil guild , i play 2d games since i was 10 , and im 23 now.


Warspear is for sure one of the best games i've played (if not the best) , love the level-up system , guild , arena , tower features and many things in there , my suggestion is an enhanced PVP system to get people excited to battle against the rival factions and not just battle because the guy's nickname is red.


PVP ranking system at game website - Whats that? Everytime you defeat someone , it would count a +1 point to your PVP score , what would be t website for everyone to check , it would be amazing , people get more interested in PVP and become even more strong for battles because of the ranking!


*General PVP Score - The one that would counts everyones PVP score.

*Class based PVP Score - Would count the PVP score for specified classes.



Thanks  , i would appreciate if developers pay some attention for this topic , also i want people to leave their opnion about this.





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I have been misled by topic title.

This is not the best feature ever created! Not even close!



Really i agree with you since it was my personal opnion , so i changed topic's name


*Please , leave a vote at the pool. :)

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I'd say no. It would be an easily exploited function.



I agree , Born, but yeah , it will depend on developers programming skills. (As they have been doing a great work at warspear it should be an easy task for them to protest the system)


There are many games with this feature and it is not abusable , its brings the game a new kind of ''Fame'' and ''Competition'' , instead of a poor PVP , where you get nothing as a reward.



Thanks for the comments and votes everyone!!

:clapping: :clapping:

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