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[2014.08.26] Announcement: update Warspear Online 4.2


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Greetings, friends!


We managed to make some great news for you - new epic update Warspear Online 4.2! Another massive happening with new level cap, new lands, quests, mini-bosses, instances and lots of other amazing things!


New in this update

Histories of Tlaloks


Huge continent of Ayvondil keeps opening their mysteries to explorers! In update 4.2 we are starting a new page in a history of Ayvondil - Tlasko, adobe of Tlaloks.


Lizardmen, also known as tlaloks, had their own country long before the first War for the Spear. However, after the Great Rift they were scattered throughout the Arinar. Here, on the banks of Ayvondil, lizardmen found new capital – Tlasco. Raised the pyramids in honor of their gods, tlaloks for a long time enjoyed peace. So it was until the earth erupted from its depths out hordes of termites - warlike tribe of pale-skinned creatures.




New lands will bring you new quests and new experience, hence new maximum level for characters, the 24th now! Access to the new quests will get every player who finished all quests in previous location. 


What players should expect apart from new quests and level cap? In a new dungeon called “Termitary” you can find the finest bounty: accessories of 20th level, armor and unique weapons of 21st level with four great bonuses!




Lone explorers of Tlalok’s lands should keep away from The Black Pyramid. It hides an extremely dangerous raid-boss Faceless. Winning him may bring you Faceless costume, catalists, essences, ingots, spheres, minions, books, unity signs and rare weapons of 22-nd level with 3 bonuses.




Black Pyramid promices lots of fun, cause it’s an opened PvP-zone, where you can even summon friendly NPC to fight for you!




Class war


There is a new war on Ayvondil! Players can start taking new daily quests for killing other players of particular classes. Fulfilling them will be bringing you guild points, crimson corundums, gold, experience and reputation.


Unlimited source of quild points


Everyone is dreaming about getting things just for being themselves. This is wonderful and now it became real in our game!


Starting from this update, each player can begin earning guild points, by just logging in. Enter the game, be online not less than for 5 minutes and 30 guild points are yours! It works just once a day, but every day, with no weekends or holidays! Just remember that you have to be a member of a guild for not less than 24 hours.


Bosses became more badass!


Bosses in new location are way more dangerous that those you met before! We added them new mass-skills, so get ready for more dangerous and interesting battles! 


New items in Miracle Shop


The Miracle Shop got new novice accessories: a set of two rings and amulet giving defence and impressive health point bonus. Fullfiling quest on novice islands has never been so easy! Check them out, they will be very helpful for beginners!


Another amazing item there - Menoko's Vessel! It's a must have for those who want to make daily quest a super easy task. Works the same as Mevelin Medallion, but in Tlaloks lands.


Fixing bugs and important changes


Fixing skills


We made a lot of changes in current skills, take a look:




Ethernal Barrier now works after every attack with no exceptions. Stone Shatters has a little chance to stun enemies.




Barbarian’s “Charge” now can be started from 2 yards distance and has a bigger chance to stun an enemy.




“Poisonous blades” now doesn’t stop the invisibility mode.



Critical healing while after using “Secret Link” was fixed. Number and range of restored health ponts now depends on skill level.


Death Knight


Faster regeneration as main “Saturation” effect was changed to vampirism.



“Harad’s banner” now spliting damage between all enemies in the coverage area. Time and damage were slightly increased.




Active time of Dark Circle was increased, but the number of players which can get under it’s effect was limited and now depends on skill level.




If enemy blocking or dodging ranger’s burning arrows, he doesn’t get a burning DoT effect.


Changes in instances bounty


Berengar’s Tower has a new unique 18 level belt with 4 bonuses as a reward


Rotting Garden has a new unique 19 level belt with 4 bonuses as a reward


Changes in passive skills


We changed passive skill “Shield”. Now putting on shields gives you +15% to all kinds of defence.


Changes on Arena


As we promised, we fixed a bug with Arena rating. Now after switching to another arena cathegory it will be reset.


And now for something highly awaited! After getting to Arena location you will be automatically set into a group with your allies! Yes, we did it!


Changes in equipment


We added the forth bonus (health points) to the Damned Piligrims’ Shield


Status of Crossbow of the Full Moon was changed to unique.


In case of being killed in PvP by DoT skill your equipment won’t be getting damage anymore.


Spawn changing


We changed the chances of looting bounty in Maliat’s Cloaca. Now you have more chances to get a unique costume, rings and amulets.


These are all changes we have so far. Go and try them and we hope you will enjoy all the things we’ve done!


Best wishes,



A short summary of the most popular questions:


When this update will be released?

- Thursday, august 28.


What is vampirism as Death Knight's "Saturation" effect? Will we have to buy this skill again?

- If you already have the skill - you own it, no need to buy anything. Vampirism is a new effect sucking out life point from the enemy and restoring Death Knight's health with every use.


How paladin's banner works now?

- Paladin's banner splitting damage between enemies. If it does, for instance, 600 damage fore 1 target, 6 enemies will get 100 damage each. 


Will there be new arena levels?

- Yes, there will be a new arena cathegory for 23-24 levels.


Why all updates are for high levels? when will we get dungeon for low lvl(10-12) on the 1st island.

- We have such plans for the further perspective.


Why do we need an automatic setting into groups (parties) on Arena?

- You will see your allies health, its easier to control the situation. 


Does mage activate barrier with fireball/shatter/skills generally?

- It's being activated by ANY skill mage uses


Dо we need to complete Rotting Garden on heroic level to get access to the new quests?

- No


Will you add 19 lvl Arena belts?

- Not in this update

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:lol: :lol: :lol: Increased dmg and duration on harad's banner.  But damn that split dmg ]:>


Yes yes loving the mage fixes!!!! Beautifulll




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4.2 good update :) now good game  :good:

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They made banner even more worse :facepalm: But f*ck it, whatever I guess. So glad to hear they did something about the crappy saturation skill :yahoo: But what the heck is vampirism??

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not that much, but still better than nothing!






About mage's fix, will barrier activate with skill too?

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Question: I already have the saturation skill. When the update comes, will it remove the skill forcing me to buy the newer version, or nah?

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Question: I already have the saturation skill. When the update comes, will it remove the skill forcing me to buy the newer version, or nah?


no, this skill just will be fixed, it will remain in your possession without any purchases.

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